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My Little Torch

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So here's another browser character/icon! This time it's Torch, a web browser built off Chromium source code. It looks and works a lot like Chrome, really (even supports Chrome extensions), though apparently offers more inbuilt features (like Bittorrent support) and a stronger focus on social media and sharing.

I love how this character came together. She's adorable! :squee: Now she needs a name... I had a list of ideas:


I think I'm possibly leaning towards Ember, Firefly or Candela? I don't know, anyone else have any ideas? EDIT: Ok, leaning towards Candela thanks to all the good reasoning in the comments! :D

Windows Icon

Mac Icon

The Torch logo was hard to draw. There aren't many (any?) high-res references to get the dimensions right. I wasn't about to repeat the drama with the Safari logo trying to draw the map out in the 'globe' (torture) so I used a creative-commons vector of the continents which was such a perfect match that I'm wondering if Torch logo's graphic designer didn't do the exact same thing. :D
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Lunarae9New Deviant

well ! now i am looking for the google version .!

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Windows File not found.
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CharlyDasherHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, she looks nice)
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FiddleMyJigglesStudent Digital Artist
this one's my favorite of them all!
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Soooo, though I went with Glow or Ember, what name was finally decided on?
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popthecorn12Hobbyist Artist
Actually, Torch's icon is a .png file and apparently not a .icns file. That's odd, but I thought I'd just let you know.h

Edit: crap i downloaded the mac icon by mistake lol
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:D no worries
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She flies and represents Torch ... Firefly?
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I have such a browser))
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I thought this was Firefox... Wat is wrong with me?
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Finally, someone else who uses Torch!
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natekiksaceHobbyist General Artist
Torch is best browser
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natekiksaceHobbyist General Artist
Pyree, definitely Pyree
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Melody-ponyHobbyist Traditional Artist
She is being sold here:…
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Hi! What on earth is this Pinterest thing, then? I don't see anywhere that people can buy/sell there. It does also seem to link back to my profile here (there's a "visit site" and a "found on ...." notification on each image). 
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Melody-ponyHobbyist Traditional Artist
No, they adopt them. Most people I recently saw adopting them used them as their Pinterest icon and say they are going to make a DeviantART so they can use them, just warning you incase anyone else has that idea. Also you buy them by giving someone a watch.
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Very strange.... well thanks for letting me know! Does make you wonder if these people can read, though, haha. It quite clearly says where the image came from right there on the page!! Why would they assume it was free to use? I've even seen some of them coming up with their own names for these characters in the comments :D
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Melody-ponyHobbyist Traditional Artist
I know its very annoying! There are hundreds of boards, and people have blocked me because I said it was stolen, I wasn't even mean though, I just explained *sigh*
I saw people selling Pinkie Pie , derpy, etc. and saying they made the character aswell, the sad part is people fell for it.
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I think a lot of the people doing that are probably very young. If so, I guess we can't expect them to really know what they are doing.

It might lead to problems down the road if they're adopting characters as their own, but for now at least the site itself seems pretty clear on giving credit, whether people are noticing it or not :D
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Melody-ponyHobbyist Traditional Artist

Yeah, I suppose so^^
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EllyCooArtsHobbyist General Artist
I like Pyree and Lumin. Pyreelumin?
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mlploveryay123Hobbyist Artist
I used to use torch an chrome but chroe got LOAAAAAAAAAAAAADS of viruses so my dad deleted chrome but torch got deleted for no reosen
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She's a cutie. :3
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StormAlchemist15Hobbyist Writer
Crossfire seems like a nice name. I personally prefer Chrome, but I used Torch for a bit (until I had to reset my laptop:( ). Wow. What a difference. But I'm usually caught in the crossfire between Chrome users and Torch users, so... yeah. Crossfire seems most effective from my perspective.
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