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My Little Steam

As requested, Steam icon! Team Fortress 2, Steam, and ponies. Aww yeah! :XD:

Windows icon!

Mac icon!

Okay, I've spent enough time on this one I think (couldn't put it down, oh I'll just tweak this, what about that... blah blah)

As with the others, probably looks better in use as an icon than blown up on screen like this. Looks okay on my taskbar/dock anyway!

Yeah, it's not the newest Steam logo. That didn't lend itself too well to what I wanted to do (having Engie up there take cover behind it).
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'Hey, boys, it's a spy!' =)
im gonna kill mysalf now
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*Plays Hazardous Environments from HL2*
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lol where did you get your dA icon with the derpy and stuff?
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I made it :) thanks for looking!
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heehee its super funny X3
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Steam just released their new icon, maybe update it?
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Yeah this new Steam design is interesting. Might just do that, hmm!
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Ever thought about making one for Notepad++?
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Indeed :D no progress on that yet though, there's a list!
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that's so awesome!!! :D
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I always look like that in a firefight
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I hope this works xD Windows 8 isn't too fond of it
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she's one DAMN tough lookin' Mare; how a bout Toughseed?
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Please stop polluting everything, especially good things like Steam, with your preteen girl cartoon bullshit.
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Thanks for the constructive feedback :D

Also, no. My steam library is probably bigger than yours.
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Ah Steam, funny, violent and a little on the crazy side. That's my experience at least
The shotgun makes it so much better lol
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hehehe i loved this pic so much kinda inspired me to do my own. ^-^ great job!
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im sorry- I accidentaly added this under 'for me'- ill switch it to favorites :c
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