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My Little Opera

By ParallaxMLP
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As requested! By someone. Somewhere. I forget. Anyway, this is my lot for the Opera web browser.

I want to call her Pepsi for some reason, despite there being nary a hint of blue in the image. Uh... Cola? Pepper?

Clearly skirting around the obvious 'Opera'/'Oprah', haha.

Hmm, this was tough to convert. The OS X icns icon came out over-saturated for some reason, had to compensate, looks okay now though! If you feel it's still overdone let me know and I'll try again.

Windows Icon!

Mac Icon!
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the link for the Windows icon is down can you make a new one? pls ^^
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Chrome step sister?
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CharlyDasherHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow! :D (Big Grin) 
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maguiii8Student Digital Artist
i use opera
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ForestStarStudiosHobbyist General Artist
Can I use your designs of those programs as long as I give credit?
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Well yeah, sure! I didn't make those programs, after all :D
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ForestStarStudiosHobbyist General Artist
Thanks! :3
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sound nicer no ?
Pepsi is not much female name, peper as from Dr Pepper go some red in the bottle soo

I left the ashes of Firefox to try Chromia to hate the constant forced change so hard to disable auto-update and big Bandwith consomation, and now OPERIA 25 work marvelously well and more fluid then FF and smaller bandwith then Chromia.
This browser is very good, i really like V25, perfect "middle" Version before certain changes occured.
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PoetBronyProfessional Writer
What is her browser? Or whatever she represents? I have never heard of or seen this icon. Can somepony clarify?
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LoveTheDerpy33Student Digital Artist
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CubaSandwichPLStudent Artist
Good Job!!! :clap: Love Opera! xD
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AliceandTailsHobbyist Digital Artist
can I make a facebook pony...for you i mean???
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I'm calling her Pepsi because it's unique~
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Pinkster7Hobbyist General Artist
I love Opera web browser! I use it all the time! Cute pony!
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iWantcoalHobbyist Digital Artist
AWWW when I saw this picture the first name that came to mind was
because of the O...
Then I thought of
because it sounds more feminine...
Still, Pepsi is funny XD
Long lives the long hair.
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once i have my new PC built and running, ima download all of these browsers and change the icons just for the hell of it XD. I loves this browser ponies XD
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ikerimiHobbyist Filmographer
pepsi <3
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a04tbabaHobbyist Digital Artist
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Best pony AND best browser. Well done.
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Twisoarin123Hobbyist Digital Artist
I use opera
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AlternateHistoryHobbyist Digital Artist

My favorite browser...


I must tell the people!!!
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Hey, I use this for Android. If only I could learn how to find others, such as for FB, gmail and John gba.
I'm sure they're out there but I'm a noob at finding .icos for Android(let alone windows).

Thanks for making this.
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VerovileotHobbyist Digital Artist
So awesome!
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Opera minni 5)))
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