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(ninja edit: transparency wasn't there.. fixed now?) OK then... as the requests increased recently, here is my concept for the DeviantART website! :)

I want to call her "Miss Swatch" but am open to ideas... like maybe "Easelle" or something, haha. Something artsy! :D something to do with a painter's palette maybe? Hmm.

"Miss Swatch" might look a little unkempt, but then she's always too busy experimenting with new visual ideas and designs to care about any personal scruffiness. She would at least, every once in a while, use a tendril of magic to remove paint splashes or other mess from her coat and hair... but only because seeing any wayward colours might alter her mindset when approaching a new piece of art.

It's not uncommon to see her with her mane wrapped up in a bundle like this, providing an unusual but convenient place to store some of the artistic implements which won't fit in her carry-sack. To prevent the need for too many such items, the paintbrush she keeps up there has interchangeable heads (which she keeps in the carry-sack), including electromagnetic-inductive tips for use with digital graphics tablets.

Be it traditional or digital media, she'll always be eager to see the artistic work you've produced, and willing help you share it with the world.

EDIT: here's a replacement logo to fit in the DA menu bar at the top of this site (thanks for the help :iconmkody: & :iconcloneddragon: !!)…

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ponetester-gallopHobbyist Digital Artist

:salute: rvmp :dalogo: Salutations

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Louve-455Student General Artist
I love ❤️ 
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danitiny2013Hobbyist Filmographer
can you make a ponification of
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danitiny2013Hobbyist Filmographer
she is awesome, I made a few new pictures in her sack (in the website)
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Jewel-Cat Digital Artist
YESH! this is AMAZING :D
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CharlyDasherHobbyist Digital Artist
Not bad!)
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CURSE YOU! :happybounce: Clap Perfect!
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I visit Deviantart all the time; a "rough 'n' ready" art site, like your Pony char. appears.  ;-)
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THIS logo is really nice on the eyes. New one is awful.
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Th3BlueRose Digital Artist
Best fanpony :3
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That-One-LeoHobbyist Digital Artist
great design :D I also have a DA themed Pony, maybe they can become friends :XD:

but this one it's great than mine tho, like the hairdo you gave her
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Heh. Derpy Hooves doing the sweetiescoots with both hind legs moving in the same time.
I like your usericon. ^_^
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Can you make my little Facebook?
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oborotyenvpupHobbyist General Artist
shouldn't her cutie mark be a z thing now?
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HorseezHobbyist General Artist
I want the old logo back :C anyhow very cool idea ^^,
Faraway-Shores's avatar
Faraway-ShoresHobbyist General Artist
Ths realy nice (first pony art i see as im new to deviantart)

but... this is old logo i believe from what i read?
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Thanks muchly! And welcome to DeviantART!! :D

Yes this is the old logo, it's changed since.... bah that's the problem with designing characters based on logos, so many of them change haha. 
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KatiasmoreHobbyist General Artist
Maybe you could make versions, so you have "Miss Swatch" (Though I personally like Easelle much better) 1.0, 1.2, 1.8.5, etc. That way, you can keep the old designs if you like them, and then have the 'updated browser' versions!
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cbugnet2Hobbyist Digital Artist
Do an updated one please.
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I could pop it on my list but at this rate it will be three thousand years before I get to it, haha. List is loooooooooooooong right now. 

I might be missing a few o's there as well!
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cbugnet2Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's fine. Plus, that is exactly what my folder looks like right now.
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JacobellingerHobbyist Writer
looks like you can make her granny da and a new one 
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Gonna need to be updated again. OTL
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JNinelivesHobbyist Traditional Artist
This makes me feel so cultured for being on DA O.o

I call her Cindy. Because that's a nice name :).
Edit: you've probably picked one by now, but if not you can always ask Pun Pony!
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