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Here, have a thing! One of those "hey I should make a drawing of that" ideas which I then sit on, half-finished for years. Folders full of this stuff. Anyway this one's finished now, more or less. It's technically pointless seeing as how these characters would spend their time in the net instead of on it but... meh. :D

What are they looking at, do you think? Maybe this? 

My Little Websurfers - Human by ParallaxMLP

Or something much, much worse? :D Who knows? (I started this image waaay before the one in the above link was even an idea, so they're not related... kinda looks like they could be though, haha).

Websurfers: the next comic is still a ways from completion. Bah. I feel like I'm falling behind with it, must push to do more. Once I get started in an evening I'm generally set to keep drawing for a few hours, it's just there's a million distractions coming home each evening. I also stop and work on other things (like the above) when I'm stuck on small details about how I'm drawing the comics, or tweaks to the story, which happens often. I know a lot of you are happy to wait as long as it takes (thank you) but it's also for my own benefit I finish the comics.... love that feeling when it's all ready to go and I'm happy with the artwork, it's exciting. :D

Ah, well. Onwards!
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They look very cute together! :3
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To Spartan, consider using the same OC, only with a new jacket/hoodie or a post-it covering old CM with "new" logo. So you would not have to kill her.
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these Mares may bitch, whine, and complain; but actually they're all PFF after the rain... -Zecora
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Hah, does that say "CELL"?  XD

Oh and nice VGA port.
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It does indeed. :D A brand endorsed by royalty, you might say... and thanks, haha.
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What would Netscape or AOL look like?

They're still around but used even less than IE.
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I actually call this tech interwebs.
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So I join DA and start writing a list of "hey I should make a drawing of that" in a word doc. Currently 5 pages, but I'll be one break soon.
So my goal is get through 1 item a day (I'm still learning so I'm not doing huge projects), which seems achievable.

Then I saw you have 'folders of this stuff' O.o.
Now I'm thinking: is this what the future looks like?
Should I be exited, scared or both!?

Oh, and given how they reacted to what Ivy was looking at Part 2 of your comic,
Whatever is on the screen here is probably not too bad ;).
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I think it's nice to have a portfolio of half-finished things, in a way! There's always something to go and tweak and work on if you're not up to the big projects.

Conversely, so much stuff never makes it to the Internet... :( I don't want to post half-finished things, but I just know I'm practically never going to get some of these fully off the ground. Yeah, there's the scrapbook.... but.... oh, I don't know....

I would LOVE to get through 1 item a day!! I've repeatedly set myself that target in the past and failed pretty much every time by multiple orders of magnitude, haha. 30 days? That's kind of like one day, right? Right?? Maybe in tortoise years or something.

What I find often happens as well, is I have an idea, I think "LMAO YES MUST DRAW" and I spend so much time thinking about it that by the time it gets round to execution I'm no longer fascinated by the idea, or no longer think it's so funny, or am picking holes in it and finding problems with the story/contents/etc etc. Then it's doomed to perhaps never even start or remain a half-hearted sketch. Haven't figured out how to beat that gremlin, that happens a lot.
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My words don't seem to fit for me right now, but I very much agree!!!

I haven't done art as much as you, but I've worked on projects where I loose sight of what I'm working for.
The times when you spend too long working on technical aspects you can loose yourself.

Sometimes, by the end of it I can't even remember why I set that goal it in the first place.
In the worst cases, I can't even remember what it is I wanted. Just feels kinda empty :|.
That was for things that were a big part of my life though... and over six months to a year.

I'm hoping that by breaking up my goals I can get little things done each day.
I will try to remind myself that my art will improve, and maybe I can learn to express some of my experiences as well,
maybe even share with other people, and connect... haha perhaps you know how I feel :)

When I write about what I hope for and being to think of it, that feeling comes into my mind again.

I really want to work on and finish something that I can feel good about...
and even if it is not perfect that I can say I did my best, and be proud of what I have made.

Haha but even then as I write this I am writing and re-writing and editing and re-editing in the hope that it will be communicated better!!
I fall prey to your gremlin as well XD. But I edit because I want to share these thoughts and feelings, I want them to be understood!

I worry that what I write (what I draw).... that the thing in my head is not going to be the thing that other people see.
I want so much for that idea to be in a form that someone else can read or look at and understand.

Haha. Just having talking about it, I feel tired afterwards.
It still feels awkward putting words to it, like I am handling my words the way clumsily.
It frustrates me. But I want to write this and do it well because I care about it... it means something to me.

Maybe this can help you in some way?
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Soo cute and colourful. I love ponified stuff. I'm not to familiar with all the browsers so could you say which is which? :-)
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from left to the right: IE, firefox, safari, chrome, opera
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Thanks. Your pony stuff is awesome! :-)
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Thanks for looking! :)
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i wounder what happens if some one gets a bluescreen
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Ever thought of giving IE pony a makeover? Albeit it's not as good as the other browsers, but it has had a redesign recently.
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Yeah I've been asked the same about Opera as well - thing is the story sort of has a timeline to follow, and I guess you could say the story took place some years ago. Problem is it takes me eons to make it, so the more time passes, the less these characters will probably match up to their current iteration browsers.. :D
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Characters are so kawaii! And btw, Dell? Nice. I myself using a Dell laptop.
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Thanks for looking! :D Though if you view the full-size image you'll see it actually says "Cell" - a throwback to this comic:…

I like to believe that if there were laptops in Equestria, they'd have brands like that... :D
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Haha, nice one!
Hmm, "CELL"... reference to Celestia , yeah, but also an existing word actually. (:
P.S. I love these ponified versions of famous brands too, anyway. SONY - PONY xD
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Was going to say what are they looking at but you just pointed out an example.
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The internet is indeed a funny thing!
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