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[Electric Dawn] - Meeting Again

By ParallaxMLP
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I *need* to post something, it's been too quiet round here!

Most of my projects are comics and all are part-finished (sigh) so here, have a thing. These are some of my OCs from another thing on the long list of things I'm doing. Needless to say single images are a lot easier to complete than entire comics. Like so many of my things there's more work that could be done to this one but I'm fairly content at this stage and I feel bad for the radio silence, so up it goes!! :D

From left to right, Ivy and Titch! These characters are both robots (persocoms, to follow the vernacular). Yeah, Ivy looks mad. She is, and Titch is to blame. Looking forward to writing that scenario out... although there's a lot of drama that happens first. I might not be stellar at writing but it does give you an opportunity to stretch your linguistic legs in a way that comics don't. It's nice not to be confined to panels every once in a while!

Here's another of Titch, for the curious:
Electric Dawn by ParallaxMLP 
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i can still trying to finger out if the sense cont as physical or mental rape. but it seem like both
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I first imagined the fence as a massive wall and thought that Titch was standing behind Ivy. It took me two minutes to realize that they are actually standing next to each other and Titch is just so small. You could add a small detail to the picture that clarifies the proportions, maybe a nail in the fencepost. It would reach to her knees and you could see immediately that she's small.
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Or you might think "wow that nail is huge... just like that girl on that wall over there" :D

I can't un-see that now, haha. I tried to give an impression of depth by putting the focus on the middle of the scene (so closer objects like Titch and the fence are out-of-focus somewhat, as is the background) but by doing that it probably cancels itself out!

Thanks for the feedback!!! It highlights an interesting point - when making images, it's easy to take the interpretation for granted instead of considering how an observer might see it. Something for me to keep in mind I think...
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You're welcome.
And just why do I feel the urge to listen to Nine Inch Nails now?  ;)
Might be a good soundtrack for your Electric Dawn...
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That looks good!
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Thanks for looking! Eventually other stuff will start trickling out on here, just smashing away at too many things and spreading myself too thin I guess.
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Yeh, I'm a bit slow as well. I'm always busy!
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