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Hello! I haven't posted anything in a while, so have another thing. Believe it or not, I have been known to draw stuff with less than four legs. I don't have a place to post them though. Maybe I'll put something up here every now and then, if I'm going quiet like recently!

This is Titch. She's a character from a story I'm writing involving robots trying to coexist in a semi-futuristic human society. She's a persocom. (Who here has heard of 'Chobits'? :D make of it what you will - opinions do vary - mine is that the premise of human-analogue machines is undeniably interesting. There was room for more story in my humble opinion, at least in the anime.. It seemed to concentrate on Chii being adorable, but there was all this other awesome stuff that could have been explored.)

Since some of the other stuff I like to do includes the occasional spot of writing, and seeing as I had some ideas I couldn't put down, I'm putting them on digital paper. You can read the results here and feedback is much appreciated, if you have the time (it doesn't really have much to do with Chobits beyond borrowing from it for background details - if you've never read/watched Chobits you're fine, it stands alone - but I think it still qualifies for that site, seeing as it does draw upon the terminology and ideas). Fair warning: it will contain violence and some adult-themes, although I think it's not quiiiite enough for the M-rating, at least right now. Also, there might be a character name you recognise if you've been watching this account for a while. :D I insist there is no correlation, the names are just the same.

It's a nice outlet to write when making comics, as there really isn't a lot of room for dialogue there, and they take so bloody long to do as well. :| when I'm feeling productive but staring stupidly at blank canvas in Illustrator, I can do this instead. I've said before, it's tempting to do one for Websurfers, except it would interfere with the comic... At the very least, might spoil it, in a fashion? What do you reckon? And where the hell would I publish a Websurfers story, if I did? DA isn't very good for publishing text, I fear. The next comic is still a ways away.

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Chobits *yay* :D
Awesome :squee:
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... why not put all of your art up here?
I'd be happy to see it :)
New characters take some getting used to, but that's normal!

No time to read now, but it's going in my stories to read folder ;)
Thanks for the heads up on the content.

Also I hope you don't feel self-conscious about posting non-art related things, especially if they impact on your art!
That's just me, anyway.
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Thanks for this comment, I'm glad to read this. I wouldn't want to flood this place with "off-topic" stuff seeing as the original focus was characters of a quadruped nature, but yeah, I might put some stuff up every now and then!

The problem is the "relevant" stuff is taking so long to finish!!! So there are long periods where I've nothing to put here really. I can fill those gaps with my non-relevant stuff but there would wind up being more of them than the primary subject matter, such as Websurfers and similar comics.

Need some sort of time-travelling device so I can post things quickly. Or some kind of focus-boosting mechanism that also prevents me from needing to engage in distractions like eating or sleeping. :D
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HAHA I like how your mind works :).

I felt self-conscious writing this after my other super-long comment (and whenever someone writes in a different style from me I have to resist the urge to answer in exactly the same format with the same emoticons) :P but I'm going to write it anyway.

I think you should post all of your art here. I would be happy to see it.

I don't know what the other people who follow your work think... and I know there are comics where the content related to the series gets so much attention to dedicate the account to it, like Dash Academy by SorcerusHorserus. But it you feel the gaps are too long between posts then share things with us :D

Don't get me wrong, I love your work with your main characters... but as you say elsewhere, everyone has side projects :).
Maybe you will find that in sharing those you will actually get more attention to your main project!

If you are unsure you can always ask for feedback!
Write a journal entry or create a poll :).
That is one of the things I enjoy the most about about ThinkPink (who write several series for Equestria Stories), is that they ask for for feedback a lot.
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I personally feel this robot human shit has been done to death XD 

4-5 years of reading/watching robot stuff more or less continuously and im fairly sure it's a dead niche from a it's all been done before. then again every whatever is someones first.

good luck on the story.
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It's been a human fascination since the mid 20th century, if I'm not mistaken! As far as "done before" goes... well yeah, a hell of a lot has been done, haha. :D

I don't know though, kind of applies to everything at this stage really! Here's hoping what I'm doing is interesting for reasons beyond the robots involved... Thanks for the luck, probably need it haha. :D
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Persocom? CHOBITS!!! I loved that anime, but only now did I remember it. I should finish watching that.
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great pic :D
nice to know your still kickin
so a fic set in the world of chobits huh? sounds pretty interesting, definitely a lot you can do there.

as far as releasing some sort of websurfers story I suppose it would have to be a side story of some kind, the easy thing to do would be to an orgin story I suppose like how they met each other or some such thing. that way the only spoilers would be casual ones concerning the sort of internet worldy diddle that they live in. 
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Interesting idea.. yeah, that would solve a lot of problems! It would also be an opportunity to explain a lot of things which are too difficult to explain in the comic and thus omitted/taken for granted.... thanks!

Cracking on with this fic as well, yeah. I'm really enjoying the writing, it's sort of like getting to direct your own movie in your head (when I read, things seem to play out like a movie... it's like the reverse process).
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your welcome :D glad I was able to give you something to think about.

yeah, same thing happens to be when I read. always nice to be able to visualize the world the author has created. unlike movies and other visual media writing gives the majority of the details up to the reader. always loved that about books.

coincidentally the first suggestion I thought of concerning websurfers was to write up a screenplay of sorts (on account of how big a role dialogue seems to play) 
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Hmm, tough question.
To me... It depends on what interests you the most. I mean, websurfers is definitely some really nice eye candy but I'm also more interested in the story myself so just reading it out at a quicker pace than the comic appeals to me a lot more. Buuuuuuut I feel that that's usually a trap and that if you do that, you might get ahead of yourself and get lost in the story too, possibly losing the feel that you had originally wanted/intended for each scene to have if it were to be made into a comic and so then you don't feel like doing the comic at all because you've lost your interest for the older scenes! The magic would be gone =(
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Yeah, that's sort of how I feel. I have so much I want to do and I really REALLY want to get to the stuff that's coming next. But, it would spoil the comic, I feel. I couldn't put the comic down over the story, the comic was my original interest and I LOVE being able to portray it... I liked admiralwolverine1's idea of maybe have a side/origin story. That would only add to the world then, instead of detracting or distracting from it! Might have to give that some thought. :D
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Meh, I'm not a fan of adding more plot that isn't integrated with the story's progression, it just feels wrong. You lose the immersion completely. You have story A and story B, the two are linked canon-wise and they compliment each other but seeing as they aren't brought up at any kind of key points relating to something currently happening in the other story, they just feel completely separate. I never feel as attached to prequels and side-stories that are added after the fact. I like backflashes and prologues/epilogues but they need to be integrated, not just there on their own. They need to be brought up at opportune moments, when it matters most, when questions need answering! Or it should at least be hinted at multiple times throughout and when the characters finally get a breather, one of them opens up with their background story. It can't be too sudden, the moments must be worked up to and when they happen, it's gotta be in a way that's pertinent to what's going on, not just some random backstory just because backstory.
I hope I didn't get too lost in myself there.
Basically, I feel that it's extremely difficult to make side/origin stories that don't distract/detract from the main one simply because they almost always feel like they stick out like a sore thumb.
If you've got your story down and you love doing the comic, keep doing the comic. Bad things happen when people are given more information than others (spoiler spills everywhere!) and they aren't on synchronized progressions.
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Thanks for looking!
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She's a bloody menace. And cute, haha.
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If this is a subject that interests you, you NEED to read "Doll" by Mitsukazu Mihara.  It's a six volume series of manga that handles these questions very seriously.  It's extremely difficult to find now (which is why the fifth volume goes for more than 22 pounds on, but I guarantee you, if Chobits left you wanting more exploration of the effects of human-AI relationships on society, you will LOVE "Doll."  It's very easily my favorite manga.

Cripes, I feel strongly enough about Doll that if you set up a wishlist on (the kind that allows people to buy you stuff on it), I will personally buy your copy of the first volume.  (Not coincidentally, that's the cheap one. >_>)

Alternatively, I could just reimburse you for it via Paypal or something, but seriously, there is no better read for actually exploring the effect on society.
ParallaxMLP's avatar
I'll take a look, Rhiss! Thanks! Really appreciate the offer but don't worry about that, it suffices to say I'll take your word that it's well worth the read :D 

It does interest me, yeah! The issue of AI and how it relates to humanity is increasingly referenced in culture these past few years (or perhaps I'm just noticing it more) - it's a difficult subject, very very interesting, fixes all sorts of problems and causes all sorts of others. Enormous effort goes into AI research and development in the pursuit of more capable intelligence. To think that we might eventually be heading down such a road in reality is just bizarre and fascinating.
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Alright, but the offer stands, and I'm quite serious.  I like giving people stuff, and your comics (including pre-Websurfers) have provided me with enough enjoyment that you've certainly earned it.  If you want to start with something less expensive than Doll (since as I said, it gets pricy due to later volumes being rare), you might look at "IC in a Sunflower," also by Mitsukazu Mihara.  It's a book of short stories in manga format, with only the titular entry being relevant if I recall correctly, but it's still quite good, and Doll takes place in the same universe--it's a more fully realized use of the setting the author created in IC in a Sunflower.

If/when you do get any of this read, for the love of god, drop me a line. :)  I love Mihara's work in general, but especially related to human/AI interaction and the effect on society and psychology, but have no one with whom to discuss it.  I enjoyed Chobits, but it's sort of the fluffy, fun, but light on substance version of this kind of thing.
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Thanks, Rhiss! I appreciate it :D I'm in the process of moving house at the moment so a bit backed up, but it's on my list!! Will totally get in touch, I have no-one to discuss it with either, haha.

That's kind of what I felt about Chobits too. It sort of scratched the surface but the focus wasn't really on the world so much as the characters themselves. Sounds like these stories will be worth the read!
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Again, or still?  You drew that image of Derpy moving ages ago, and I thought that was related to a move of your own.  I suppose I sympathize either way, since a drawn out move is little more fun than two in quick succession...
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Moving again! Although you're kind of right on both counts, a lot of stuff was never unboxed in the old place!

Alas, once more I am banished from the Internet until we can get it set up here (oh, the joys of a tentative 3G connection.. let's hope this comment submits successfully)...

Somehow discovered only AFTER arranging the move and finally getting access to the new place's telephone number (previous inhabitants wouldn't allow it to be divulged because they suck) that barely anyone can offer unlimited internet at the new exchange. So it's 40GB/month max for more than twice the price or I risk tying myself into a contract with a rather cheap and questionable ISP. Went for the latter (can't do limited... 40GB is like a few day's usage, haha) so we'll see how that works out when it's all set up...
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