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Derpy Loves her Lava Lamp

By ParallaxMLP
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If you put her in front of a lava lamp, I like to think she'd do this for hours on end.

Now with audio! courtesy of ~ArtisticRender97 : :iconartisticrender97: who has done an amazing job of adding the much-needed dimension of sound! the music is Thomas Newman's Bubble Wrap! Also known as part of the Wall-E soundtrack.


***DERPY IS ALSO A SCREENSAVER***: Clicky for DropBox link (Windows installer)

Click for flat .SCR file

Mac version: [replacement coming soon! Sorry :(]

Mac version is rather temperamental (sorry, best I could do) but it coughs into life on my system, so hopefully it'll work for you.


Okay, so here's my latest animation snippet. Oh man, did it suck trying to cram this thing onto DeviantArt. Did you know you need permission to upload 'films'? Because I didn't until about an hour ago.

I am rubbish at Flash, which I've had to use as a stopgap, so, there are no fancy preloading bars or anything (if it runs like poop on your computer, I'm sorry, I will upload a YouTube mirror in a bit). EDIT: Here we go, YouTube mirror.

It's still a draft, so no sound and quite an 'unfinished' feel (and rubbish compression quality thanks to shoehorning it into a Flash container) but hey, it's been a couple of weeks now and I'm desperate to share something. :3

It's the intro scene of a much larger project which I'm working on. No ETA for that, but I hope it will be awesome... You know, when it's finished. In ten years. Pfft.

I'll be upping more experimental animations from time to time while I figure things out, if people are interested in seeing more snippets and bits and bobs.

*Screensaver is a slightly lower frame rate, higher res, no audio, few mistakes fixed while I was at it. Not amazing quality (free tool used to convert a freshly made SWF) but should look okay on 16:9 monitors and whatnot. Let me know what you think! (Should be virus free, I'm not responsible if your PC catches fire blah blah)

MLP (c) Hasbro and Lauren Faust, music is Thomas Newman's Bubble Wrap
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There's a problem now that Adobe Flashplayer has been withdrawn from service.

One of the components for the screensaver relies on activex component which is no longer available. :(

FluttershyisaGoddess's avatar

No! The screensaver link is DEAD!

Josedx9's avatar
Can you please reupload the file? 
alatrylinus's avatar
the link doesn't work it says it does not exist please fix it i really want this screensaver
gmrnNO's avatar
I'm sorry to be a bother, but The screen save link doesn't work, drop box says the file doesn't exist.
Princess-of-Trolls's avatar
I used to do this when I was young, too. X3 And I still would!
tophxomi's avatar
Cuteness overload!
MJNSEIFER's avatar
I remember this.  Derpy's giggle is the best part in my opinion.  :aww:
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I totally called it. This music soundel like Wall-E even before I read that it was

What I like about this is it shows that her eyes are an ability, not a disability.

She can watch 2 things at once.

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I just got a new computer and thought I could just move the file from one computer which it did work for awhile but then about 2 daysago, it's all of a sudden showing just a blank white screen with no sound...thenI try to reinstall the screensaver using the install file but then it says this before the end "This screensaver requires Adobe Flas Player Active X component that in your system. Would you like to download it?" then I choose yes and it takes me to… which has a link to » Flash Player ActiveX component download which at first seems to take me to the correct link with the istall for Adobe (… ) but then after about half a second the URL changes to this (… ) but it just shows a blank white screen and nothing else..................HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chimcharlover13's avatar
This is EXACTLY what just happened to me! I have no idea how to fix it, either. :(
RockingScorpion's avatar
It has been years now. I'm still coming here every now and then to watch this. :)

here, have a pic I just made.…

you rock. ;)
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Not sure if it's relevent anymore, but do you have the silent version of the screen saver? I'm not really a fan of the one with sound. 
Jellypox's avatar
That's just what I came here for. I used to have this as my screensaver back before it had sound, and I have fond memories of it, so I decided to see if I could find it again, but the sound just ruins it for me. Including a simple setting to disable it would have been nice.
lykaspars's avatar
isnt work universe extract without administator! with people download screensaver! im confused Computer addict. 
lykaspars's avatar
i see fullscreen in screensaver :P
AGPokeFan's avatar
I don't suppose there is a way to have the wallpaper without sound? I feel like sound on a wallpaper is...a weird idea, tbh.
ParallaxMLP's avatar
I'm not sure the screensaver *did* have sound... can't remember... think there was a version with and without? Have you downloaded it and it has sound?
AGPokeFan's avatar
Yeah I downloaded it and everything and it has sound. Its not a BIG deal, but I figured it was worth bringing attention to. Its still adorable!
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Oh my god!
This animation is the reason i had became a brony.
The first time i saw this back in 2012/2013-ish i fell in love with it.
It was adorable in a way that made me feel tingly and weird...i loved it :D
So i decided to watch the show...
This also inspired me to draw somthing for the first time in 2 years.
(it was a crappy tracing of a still image taken from the animation)
i loved it. Then...i started my deviantart to show my drawings of ponies.
(but they're total crap compared to how i draw nowadays)
This animation is beautiful.
and the music sounds like a field of slow-mo running puppies.
and her gasping and laughing gave me a tingly happy feeling in my cheeks by how cute it was.
Thank you for making this animation. :D serously...I can't think of anything to top off how cute this animation is.
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