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Character personality meme 2



Blank: [link]

This is the one that I originally wanted to do, and thanks to pixlr I was finally able to do it!

Now for some explanations for my babies.

Elliot: He's a good, outgoing guy and very loyal. Unfortunately he still struggles with anger issues that he carried over from his childhood and teenhood. Doesn't have many flaws as of now but I hope to change that. Has a nice singing voice.

THM (the high mother): Very reclusive and doesn't like to get involved with mortals very much. She likes to stay as neutral as possible.

Ayperos: His personality is sort of flip-flopping, though I do have some basics down for him. He's a pretty nice guy but he's a jokester and likes to have fun. Ayperos is intimidated by his superiors (including his father). Good with numbers but not much else.

TML: Has issues. Lots of issues. He's really nice and sweet but he has lots of social anxiety and paranoia issues. I consider him to be one of my ugliest characters but one of the coolest looking at the same time. I consider him to be my magnum opus.

Pasha: Quite a bitch and hard to trust (like many baba yagas). Sometimes she'll help you out and other times she'll try to eat your babies, it just depends on her mood. Pasha is also a talented seamstress.

Tane: Tane is....simple. He focuses on his survival and is quite simple overall. He doesn't really give a shit about much as long as his needs are taken care of.

Al: A friendly outgoing guy, but kind of irresponsible and can be violent when he's really angry. Doesn't like to lead people and prefers to follow other folk. Gets into heated debates a lot. A good singer.

Cormac: Very reserved and doesn't trust people at a first glance and kind of fades into the background. He's a wonderful celloist and can sing decently, though he's no Kirk Cobain.

Elliot: [link]
THM: [link] and [link] (though she's only that big when she's "whole", her body is somewhat split)
Ayperos: [link]
TML: [link]
Pasha: [link]
Tane: [link]
Al: [link]
Cormac: [link]

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Totally stealing this :P