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Dark Crystal Symbols



set of 23 brushes. compatible with CS3+, image pack included for everyone else. :) random pretty symbols I scanned out of the "World of the Dark Crystal" book by Froud. each image is also labeled for those who want to know the meanings. in some cases this is what they were clearly labeled as, in others, it's my best summation of the descriptive text.

please note: these images are copyrighted by Brian Froud. They are offered here as a gift to other Froud fans who wish to make fanart. DO NOT abuse this or they will be taken down.

these may be used off-site and in any and all personal projects. you may not make any money off of them. you must link to me so that others may download them, and so that I receive credit for the hours it took to assemble these for you. you must also credit Froud.
© 2009 - 2024 paradoxstock
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Could be very cool tattoos!!