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World Hide And Seek CHAMPIONS



hey so
this is costumes so I don't gotta put it in fanart, right?

anyway this is ~starry-grinner and her boo again because she's awesome and they're adorable loloops
except not oops at all because I completely planned this because of reasons

guys so I gotta say, there's about a kajillion designs of Carmen's get-up (and by 'a kajillion' I mean like three). This one's a combination. Because the ones with the shorter peacoat are always with it open and she's got this weird catsuit that's just weird for me, like, who seriously just wears a catsuit around? Because she's gotta take it (the coat) off or we'd be able to find her easy. But the one with the classy slacks and shit has this super long trenchcoat, like, almost to her ankles, that's the exact opposite of cute and also probably just gets in the way more times than not. Can you imagine being sneaky as in such a long thing? But I liked the four-buttons on that one so I just cut the trenchcoat to make it stylish.

Waldo, on the other hand, seems to have bought about 20 of everything he wears and hasn't been to a store since (except for provisions). Over the years he seems to have ditched all his travel gear, though, which isn't surprising. That motherfucker probably couldn't even find his own reflection in a mirror, and so we're stuck doing all the searching. Asshole.

hey hey secret I have a secret:
this is actually really shitty
but I figured out some cool shading by accident and realized that if I could milk that then nobody would notice that I fucked up everything that actually matters
like anatomy
don't tell anyone, okay?

HAPPY HALLOWEEN and whatever
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