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Pillar of Love by paradoxal Pillar of Love by paradoxal
Another installment in the series of pics I began way back when for my mom when she was dying. This one, however, is going to a very good family friend. This lady, who is a vivacious, young, energetic married woman with two little kids, suddenly was struck down in the prime of life by a completely inexplicable anuerism. Overnight, for no apparent medical reason, her whole life has been changed.

She's awake now, and going through physical and speech therapy at home. Thankfully, she's improving just a little bit. She's paralyzed on one side, and her ability to speak has been demolished to where her sentences are sometimes as long as three or four words. So for her, I wanted to make this.

Even if your wings are broken, even if the stormy wind blows, even if you can't do some things for yourself anymore, know this. You always have friends to support you, to push the storm clouds out of the blue sky, and to help your family help you through the toughest times, just like you have helped us.
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anayse Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2009
sugargerbil Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2008
Maybe it's just me seeing something that wasn't quite there, but it almost seems the feathers on one side are a bit stiffer/pointed all the same way, compared to the ones on the other wing. Which I think is kinda cool for the whole piece, figuring that she's managed to fly with those wings anyhow.
paradoxal Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2008
Actually, I was trying to make it look like her wings were a bit battered, like they might be sprained and flimsy and so easily buffetted by the wind that they might not be able to support her on their own. Sort of as a metaphor for how Tammy's unable to do a lot for herself right now, you know? I'm glad that it came across somehow that they weren't quite "perfect" though!
punksweets Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2008
i love her dress
agent-indigo Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2008
Wow, this is really beautiful. I wish I could draw fabric and hair like that. Awesome job!
awren Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2008
The detail is amazing, and I'm sure this woman will enjoy it greatly.
Cat-Star4 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, that is beautiful Para! I love her dress and the colors! I love how you did the wings!
Violet-Violence Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2008
this is really nice
JediAnnSolo Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Absolutely beautiful. I love the wings' details and the flowing dress. She'll adore it. :)
victortky Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2008
She would love it very much. It is so excellently done.
Yumi-wuves-YAOI Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2008
It's beautiful, as any art would be if it's made for such a powerful reason. I wish you and your family and your Mom good luck. And I give you a *Hug* for support.
ConyTachi Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2008
<333 Lovely as always
I love how you did the hair...and the wings :love: ...and the dress...well, everything XD
Well done >w< :heart: :thumbsup:
SeraphimKiss88 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2008
This is beautiful. I'm sure she'll appreciate it very much.
Obi-quiet Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2008
Oh wow...I love the color job here. You like backgrounds about as much as I do (not much) so I really like the fact that there's one here. :d
paradoxal Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2008
There's only just barely one, lol. ^^;
Obi-quiet Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2008
But it makes all the difference. :D
CommanderD Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2008  Hobbyist
Stunning. :)
Dragon-Face Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2008
Wow, absolutely beautiful. Good luck to her.
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