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Emm, mistrzu!
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siema siema xd ♥
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jejku, jak ona tu pięknie wygląda... moja muza!
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stoi u niej w kuchni! ^^
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swietne, naprawde swietne!
Gratuluje i zazdroszcze talentu
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O.o gorgeous pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome work ;)
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thank you so muuuuch <3
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u r welcome!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3
some news? did you celebrate ur bday??? want to know ALL facts... :D
lubie cie :-* <3
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I'm sorry I didn't answer you for so long! Sooo many things has happened!

First of all, my new english teacher loves Emma Thompson as we do xD ^^

We were talkin' about my boyfriend, so hm... now everything seems to be ok. I have so much more distance. I still love him, you know, but I stood in front of my mirror and I said "Chill out, Em, and everything will be better!" :P
My birthday was quite boring, actually. I was at the allotment with Tomek. It was... silently, a bit cold and very calmly. I think I needed this. He gave me a perfume and... hmm... how to explain that.. :P... a small book about our old age - it was like a fairy-like story about two old and ailing people, haha. :)

At the university I'm talking with one girl. She's OK, we don't like the rest xD I'm not going to stay here for more than one year so I don't care about them.

"HEY is all around the world like global power and McDonalds" ahaha Ria xD :***
There's only 3 weeks to Nosowskas gig :) and I'm going for Heys gigs on December - in Łódź and in Kraków (my fav polish city ♥). My mum is such a dear!

AND NOW! Last time I was in Ignacy Bulla's house. He's an old painter, he's 70! And gosh, he's painting are amazing :O He was my neighbour about 14 years ago :P So I phoned him and he looked at my drawings and painting... he was very impressed, so he told me to go for graphic (or other artistic) studies. I have to go now I have a big motivation! He likes Nosowska :D and he know my favourite polish sculptress, Magdalena Abakanowicz! She was born in 1930 and she was impressed with his works - can you imagine?! They were friends on studies. He was studying in Poznan, on the same Academy as I will next year (I hope so!).
And I have to draw some things like my father, but not from photo and then I'm going to draw this painter, I'm scared:P

And how are you, some news? :***********
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WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT??? O.o An Emmaniac English teacher at your university??? really cool... why do you know that fact?

Great that you have so much more time to be yourself! Sometimes it's better to get calm, enjoy free time and just chilling out. Then I take a good book sitting on my sandbag while drinking a cup of Earl Greay/Darjeeling. Indeed it's important to get to know YOU better and choose the best decision.
That present your boyfriend gave to you sounds really romantic and witty! Do you like it?

It gives me a pleasure that you know a girl by now. That gives you more confidence, doesn't it?

My gosh! Tickets are so expensive... just be a bit jealous about you ;) I'd like to go to a gig from Robyn or Goldfrapp (do you know them?). But I haven't enough money to be able to... :(

Ignacy Bulla... I have to confess I didn't hear something of him before :"> How does he work? Graphic, surrealistic, realistic,... would like to know more about that artist!
Great that he was impressed of your work. Magdalena Abakanowicz??ß I know her... she's a fantastic artist, her sculptures are so expressive. XD I loooooove her!

I'm really ok... just an illness that restricts me now ;)
I had holidays but tomorrow I've got to go to school >.< I like school but I always have to get up soooo early: 4:30am!
I just bought the "Sense & Sensebility- Screenplay and Diaries" by Emma Thompson... It's wonderful!!!! There are no words to describe to feel when you read something your favourite actress has written. BTW I wrote her a fanletter and I hope she will read it *frightened* :)
I just were in Leipzig to visit my family and visiting the Hundertwasser café. Did I mention that Hundertwasser is my fav artist? I adore his attitude to life and environment.

lubie cie, my dearie! :-**************
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Well, we were playing board game and there was a question: Have you ever seen a movie/read a book in english? So I said about movie with Emma and my teacher said "Oh, Emma Thompson, right?! I love her too! Why do you like her, Emma, is that because of her name?" XD

Yes, I liked it. That was so funny and touching :) I'm going to do an animation for him, with the story in verse form, very simple and stupid story, you know: "long time ago there was a happy couple, she liked bananas and he ate an apple" etc., ofc not exact this one, but that was my first idea XD cause it's going to be in polish, ofc. I'll show you :P

I know, but I still have my own money (less and less xD). I'm going by car to Sopot, so I won't sleep there. In Łódź and Kraków I'm going to sleep in my familys or friends house, so it's going to be cheaper :) I know Goldfrapp, I think everyone knows 'Rocket'^^ But Robyn ;O I didn't hear about her, but I'm listening now. IMO, she's a bit boring and average :P I hope you'll go with me to Heys gig someday :P I'm very curious if we have some musicians in common :P
Btw., Fotos're going to have a gig in Lepizig XD ;/

Oh I'm sure you don't know Ignacy Bulla, he's not very known even here in Poland. He is a sculptor (it's his specialization from studies), but he prefer painting. drawing and graphic. I'll get an album with his works next month, so Ill show you his works. I'm in love with his self-portait. He is more realistic, but he made some surrealistic and abstract works, like "Winged". He's good in graphic, he made a lot of satires.
You know Abakanowicz, woooow! I was on her exhibition in Kraków this summer^^ And I touched her work <3 She called these orginal pieces 'Abakans', after her own surname. Her works are very specyfic, especially live.

Oh so try to get better :hug: ;* 4:30am GOSH! It's the middle of the night!
I'd love to see it! <3 I hope she'll answer you. No, I'm sure she will! Have you finally wrote a letter to Alan too?:>
Next week my friend is going to Dublin, as you remember... :( Look at Alan: [link] !!!
I think you mentioned Hundertwasser when we were talkin' about Gaudi, didn't you?

I missed you! ^^
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Ah, what a lovely game! I like that question about your name and emma:
"Oh, Emma Thompson, right?! I love her too! Why do you like her, Emma, is that because of her name?" XD
Did you talk about your fave films and so on? sry, I'm so curious...

Oh how cooooool an animation about you and him <3 I like that bananas-apple thing :D make me laugh like an ananas :P
ofc I want to see it when you finished! :D like I allready mentioned: I'm curious, very curious ;P

I didn't know "Rocket"by Goldfrapp... I never heard it... but then a friend of mine (the daughter of my fave teacher) gave me that hint and soooooo my passion starts. Robyn was even a hint of her: [link]
My favourit tracks now :D

Ignacy Bulla sounds really adorable.. I'll informate myself about him a little bit... my gosh, maybe a new fav of mine??? ;)
You were at Abakanowicz exhibition??? OMG!!!!!!!!! I really would like to see her ART in real... :">

yes, indeed 4:30am is the middle of the night >.< but what we are doing to reach our dreams, don't we?!
Alan's letter... erm, I started it but I didn't finish... I couldn't... but that weekend I'll finish it... my goal of the week :D
OMG that alan pic *argh-grrr* seeeeeeexy :D WANT TO GO THERE::::
Right, Gaudi and Hundertwasser *hihi*

Tęskniłem za tobą, bardzo...
hope it's right... found it somewhere :">
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Nooo she didn't ask me to. Such a pity XD She told me about her fav movie but it is "Pay in Forward" (I think that was the original title) :P Yesterday we were talking about musicians :P
You know, 'Emma' is not very popular name here in Poland. I don't know if there is another Emma in Bydgoszcz, probably not. I think my parents were drunk that night on 9th October 1991 XD

Hahaha bananas and apples was stupid XD I've lost my piece of paper with the text so I have to do it once again T______T Fortunately, someone recommended me a good application to do that 'movie'. I think I'll do it before 5th of November... I hope so :o

Gosh, I learned not to talk with teachers kids, the result from those friendships are very sad and complicated sometimes, if you know what I mean.
Robyn is ugly! But I liked second song :) Very funny dance in that last video XD

I don't think you'll find anything in english about him :P This album about him will be bilingual (polish/english), so I'll type it out and make scans for you:)
YES! I was visiting my friend in Kraków, I love that city, it's far away from here (10 hours by train ;O) and when I was walking around the museum, I saw a huge poster 'A B A K A N O W I C Z' so I screamed and ran to the Museum to see xD ♥ There was some paintings by Malczewski (Can U remember?) on another exhibition^^

I'd like to see that letter to Alan, hah:P We should both go there!:<

I'm cutting my hair tomorrow!:D :x

'Tęskniłem' is masculine :P You should say 'Tęskniłam', the rest is ok if you wanted to say 'I missed you very much' ^^
haha :D ;*
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