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Leaving The Paris Climate Deal
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Published: June 4, 2017
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 When you put your own profit over global interest, you will only get burned in the aftermath.

I tried to convey my feelings with this artwork. I ask everyone to stay sane in the comments section.

My motives and beliefs are the ones of a 22 year old german artist and designer who takes a worried look towards the U.S. and its recent news. However, I never thought that someone could deny the reality of climate change and its huge influence on us. As we speak, german winters are getting hotter every year. As a kid, I build snowmen. Now I'm happy if I see snow once per year ...

I dont want to give this huge problem to the next generation. I want to engage and solve it. I hope you want this too.
Every comment towards this important topic is very appreciated!

Look here for a breakdown of the artwork:

Breakdown Of -Leaving The Paris Climate Deal- by ParadisiacPicture

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Thank you for your tremendous ressources!
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This is beautiful on so many levels... I can't find the words for how much this represents how Trump's (and a few other's) views on climate change affect all of us.

"No nation should have to sacrifice economic prosperity for economic sustainability."

That is what goes through these minds, and I hate it.
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Good. It was a bad deal based on lies. Best to leave it.
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You say "I dont want to give this huge problem to the next generation". Well, me neither. However, the responsibility falls in the political and economical elites of all nations. They should be the most worried people in regards not only with the climate change, but with environmental issues. They should give example to the peoples of the world and executes realistic solutions to the environmental issues of the world.

If the political and economical elites don't do anything to solve the environmental issues, I fear that is very few what can be done in these matters, regardless of the level of the involvement of citizens.
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But the USA has continued to decrease their carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Meanwhile, environmentalist Canada being run by the libtard party has increased carbon emissions. So much for taking care of the planet.
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Who knew the Nationalist Drumpf knows more about lowering actual emissions (Without useless punishing taxes I might add) then some rich bourgeois Globalist brat and his Globalist enviro-whacko Climate Barbie does...
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Great work, especially the focus on Africa, which even today continues to be exploited by multi-national corporations that have become more powerful than many governments.

Humanity is doing significant damage to the natural world, at many scales.  Sadly, those least responsible for the damage and least able to adapt to it often suffer the greatest consequences.  It's an inequity issue rarely discussed.

I worry about societies that deny climate change, because the result is that they're not going to be prepared for it and their citizens are going to suffer.
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MyLovelyJacksonForev's avatar
MyLovelyJacksonForev|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very true
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Hend-Watani|Professional Digital Artist
Beautiful concept :love: 
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BlazingFireBug|Student Digital Artist
Not every person in the US is ignorant. However, a lot of us feel like we cannot do anything to change, fix, or aid the situation in any way, so we don't even try. This is a very sad state for humanity, as such I hope my fellow Americans (and all people in general) can learn to at least try to do their part in revitalizing our once beautiful home: Earth.

I really enjoy this artwork, and I believe it does portray your ideas and feelings very well. It's beautifully sad, and executed skillfully. 
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This is so true it makes me want to CRY. You did a spectacular job with this one, conveying the unthinkable tragedy of leaving the Paris Climate Deal. The impact it will have on the Earth will be felt for all time, all because of the soulless corporate greed of a bunch of ignorant assholes, including and especially that of our orange bigoted nightmare of a President. :cry: 
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Whizzy-The-Elephant|Hobbyist Photographer
Smoking kills. Don't smoke. If you smoke stop smoking. Eat cookies instead. cookie love 
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WOW, this is so awesome and really powerful!!Chitanda Smile Icon  I love the colours, the lighting, and the shading!:happybounce: 
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thank you very much, I like colorful artworks :D
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goosetooth|Hobbyist General Artist
that's so deep. I hate how people don't care about something until it's too late to fix.
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Miss-Tbones|Hobbyist Photographer
Very true in your statement...An awesome piece of work!:clap::wow:
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Alphasaith's avatar…

My only request is you watch the entire 5 minutes, and 37 seconds before you reply.
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LiForm| Digital Artist
stunning. powerful. i love it, great work my friend.
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Here's why the earth is warming up. (It's a long presentation, but a good one!)

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PunkyPants|Hobbyist Digital Artist
So inspirational :love: Amazing work!! 
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JohnHitchcock's avatar
The image of a cigarette does seem like an appropriate metaphor. After all, people these days smoke cigarettes often knowing it's bad for them but not caring. Likewise, we see the same image here of a person burning the Earth with a cigarette and showing no concern for the possible consequences of that action.
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Oh shut up! America's doing just fine on pollution while China is poisoning their part of the atmosphere! We are doing just fine and to only cut back on our freedom to use our resources, it will kill the economy and thus kill our ability to invest in more powerful technology!
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Thank you MissouriPatriot for this overly valuable and thoughtful comment :heart:
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BreamSX|Student Interface Designer
nice !
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