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Stand Up

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It may not have seemed like it during that point in the episode, but what Babs did at the end took a lot more courage then most people might realize.
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Too bad Babs didn't show that level of courage when she first met Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. Had she done so, things would've gone a lot better for her and the Cutie Mark Crusaders. 
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Diamond Tiara, "And I was stabbed in the back."
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As Korn would say...

IT'S ON!!!!!
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There's no much to stand up when DT and SS are VERBAL bullies, and Babs is used to PHYSICAL bullying. 
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GreenLinzerdStudent Digital Artist

Babs Seed

You gotta stand up tall

Learn to face your fears

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The side would have been better if they had cookies.
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get up stand up
Stand up for your right
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Damn do those two look evil, but Babs looks pretty awesome herself!
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SuperRainbowSakuraHobbyist Digital Artist
this one is awsome
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The expression on each of the ponies' faces are great and very fitting!
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That scene proved that she was ready to face her fears. Those two got what they deserved.

Glad we will see her again in the future.

Beautiful work
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MrFulpHobbyist Digital Artist
You know I don't thin Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon are evil, they're just drawn that way.
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Diamond Tiara and Silverspoon are Shadowbolts? Of course! It explains everything.
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Babe's Manehatten Fury beats Diamond and Silver's verbal arsenal.
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Nice job!
I really love the expressions, mostly Silver Spoon's and Babs'
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Diebro210Hobbyist General Artist
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MudponyHobbyist Writer
I find it rather silly that the message of the show was to tell adults about bullying problems, but in the episode itself, Babs's situation got better due to standing up for herself and her friends, not due to telling adults.

But, yup, given how traumatized Babs was about the whole blank-flank/bullying thing, what she did was a big deal.
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ParadigmPizzaHobbyist Digital Artist
Well, you're kind of right about that. Don't forget that Babs stood up to Diamond and Silver by saying that she would, and I quote, "Tell your mothers about your bad attitude." So while she did in fact stand up for herself and her friends, she did so in a big part by saying she would tell their parents.
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HaloPrimeHobbyist Digital Artist
Great pic! You made 3 fillies look so badass right here!
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GariandosHobbyist General Artist
You're right there. Not many of the young ones have the courage to stand up to Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara.
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RayRunnelsHobbyist Digital Artist
This reminds me of the song Prayer of Refuge.

Don't hold me back now.
I can stand my own ground.
I don't need your help now
You wont let me
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PLCTheCdHobbyist Writer
Gotta say, nice touch on the glowing green eyes.
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Her stare turned Diamond Tiara into a pig XD
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PonyProseHobbyist Writer
Amen to that :iconrainbowdashsaluteplz:
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