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Chicken Dance

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Another commission for :iconslayerman118:. He wanted Scootaloo to be showing off a dance she's secretly been working on, and have it be something that would contrast her personality. Something like ballet.
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So cute Scootaloo looks like she's enjoying herself Fluttershy looks amazed and Rainbow Dash is in awe.
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izzyo816Student Traditional Artist
The fangirl in me squealed when she saw Scoots on the cloud

I know now that Sweetie Belle can use levitation but why hasn't Scoots been able to fly yet? We already know their cutie marks, come on! Show us dat wing power!
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Eh, ballet might not be a long shot. I know Scute doesn't like girly stuff and Jean Claude Van Damme (manly action star of the early 90s) proved that ballet doesn't have to be sissy.
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:iconrainbowdashclapplz: i normally hat the chicken scootaloo jokes but this is funny
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shena12345Student Artist
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shena12345Student Artist
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KApZL-3X3Hobbyist Digital Artist
nyce XD
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Sombraluz-ImagesProfessional General Artist
So adorable!
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Fire--BoltStudent Digital Artist

Judgeing to what she did in 'Show stoppers', she might be a great ballerina =3

I like this!
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RaveRiderHobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome!:iconrdclapplz: :iconfluttershyclapplz:
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JelenadbzStudent Filmographer
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So, is the look on Rainbow's face a cross between intrigue and confusion? She doesn't appear to be completely baffled or taken aback, though this doesn't appear to be anything like what she expected.

I like these drawings that are like a moment frozen in time from some larger story.
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ParadigmPizzaHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, you nailed her expression right on the head.
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Oh God no! I don't wanna nail Rainbow on the head! Sure, she's not perfect, but I like her, and I wouldn't want to hurt her like that!
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ParadigmPizzaHobbyist Digital Artist
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Here we see the majestic chicken in it's natural habitat.
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Fluttershy: Oh! Scootaloo! That is wonderful!
Rainbow Dash: Uh? What is it supposed to be? Now, I'm bored....

Beautiful work
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:iconscootplz::iconsaysplz: "Hey Sweetie Belle, wanna see my new dance?"
:iconsweetieunimpressplz::iconsaysplz: "No."
:iconscootplz::iconsaysplz: "It's called The Fanciful Unicorn!"
:iconsweetieunimpressplz::iconsaysplz: "Girl, I have seen better steps a ladder."
:iconscootalooplz::iconsaysplz: "Oh yeah? Like you know any dances, Sweetie!"
:iconsweetiesinisterplz::iconsaysplz: "Yes, it is called...
:iconsweetiebotplz::iconsaysplz: "... The Robot!"
:iconscootalooo-oplz::iconsaysplz: "Word."
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:iconsweetiebotplz: The fun begins immediatly.
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Consider this comment thumbs-up'd.
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Well, she has exceptional balance and agility, so Ballet is right up her alley.
Wings would be an asset for leaps.
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