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Artist of the fan variety and professional massive nerdlord.

I Have a Teepublic!…


1 min read
Finally comfortable enough with 3D models to start offering commissions! However, to start there are only gong to be 1-2 slots available, for a few reasons. One being that it's been a while, so this will give me breathing room to get back into the swing of things. The other thing is that models take a considerable amount of time to complete(at least for now), so I don't want to leave people waiting on their commission for an eternity. If you're interested you can send me a note, email me, or message me on any of the other sites I'm on! You can get a full breakdown of the new rules and pricing here Twitter Furaffinity
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Commission Info

2 min read
Pricing Bust: $60 Riggable/game ready bust: $90 full body: $150 Riggable/game ready fully body: $225 Bust is from the shoulders up. riggable models come with source files(more info below) All models come with one pose with a high-res render, and a turntable for said pose. Price increases based on complexity Extras Additional poses: $25 Each pose will get its own high-res render, along with being added to the turntable. props: $20 This includes things like swords, guns, staffs, elaborite tomes of knowledge once thought lost, and generally any large object held by the character. Manual retopo/optimization can be done for an additional $10 Price increases based on complexity Rules/Additional info Payment will be required up front once details of the commission are sorted out. I only do paypal via invoice(you don't need an account to pay it). Refunds, should you request one will only be partial, and will be based on the amount of work I've done up until the time the refund was
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Hey! So as some of you might be aware, tumblr is in the process of more or less killing itself as a platform for artists(or anyone really), so to make up for this I decided to take the leap and make an FA account! There isn't much of anything on there yet, but I'm gonna be fixing that over the following week.
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Happy Birthday, I hope you're having a great day.
Happy Birthday :meow: :iconcakeplz:
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