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[Vector] Granny Smith

Granny Smith! Applejack's Grandmother Pony, and probably to all other relatives of the Apple Family too!
A character in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

It surprised me that Granny Smith had no vector! Everypony should have a vector! O:<
So I made her one myself!

I used this vector n this signature: [link]
You can also check out the Tag Wall Project here: [link]
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Granny Smith walks JUST LIKE MY MOM!
sootaloo's avatar
she's adorable!
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mind if I use this for a school pres.?
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You have some WICKED vector skills

nicely done ^_^

Please can I use a this picture for a paper model guide?
But it may be a while!

Thank you!
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FINALLY! mine looks like shit but this is PERFECT!!!
Paradigm-Zero's avatar
It's something I do for a hobby :la:
KelseySparrow67's avatar
well it looks AMAZING!
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Granny don't get no love O:<
Paradigm-Zero's avatar
Indeed she doesn't :iconsadfaceplz:
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I've already seen this vector done before. But I've yet to see just regular, old, non-hip-replaced Granny Smith.
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You must be referring to this: [link]
In which case, isn't a vector.

I might consider making another vector for Granny Smith, the regular one.
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Looks like she's glad to have had that saggy old hip replaced!
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