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Rainglow Dash


Many thanks to :iconsmockhobbes: for the Original Wallpaper Concept and Idea!
I admired his Glow Wallpapers so much that I wanted to try out his original style.
Rainbow Dash is the perfect pony to sample because of her colors, it's a great way to experiment.

Imitating the style wasn't too hard. I already had experience with vectoring so I know how to handle the Pen Tool. It was lots of fun, really.

Had difficulty with the background however, I just did some random Rainbow thingy, it looks okay I guess.

Hope you bronies like it!
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Cute and Cool.
ServalFuru's avatar
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Oh it's sooo cool!!!
Talley212's avatar
my new backgroung
y-so-blu's avatar
Brilliant work. She looks awesome.
dude. this wallpaper rocks. is it part of a set? i would LOVE to have the mane 6 in this style as a wallpaper cycle
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Someone used your art on a t-shirt. There was no mention of you so I don't know if you gave permission.

Paradigm-Zero's avatar
Nah, they didn't ask me nor did I give permission
But it's fine, it sucks anyway. lol
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Don't you wanna report copyright infringement? It's MLP but it's still your work being used for profit.
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Probably, but I don't think that shirt will profit much anyway.
dude! dont way that! your work is awesome! i love this community just for people like you!
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0____o This. is awesome.
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20% cooler wallpaper is best wallpaper.
EagleSpartan888's avatar
OMG! I love it! It almost she's made out of glow sticks! Awesome job! :icontwilightclapplz:
lapqmzla's avatar
i hope more are coming
sirbaconofbaconshire's avatar
This is about 20% cooler than any other Rainbow Dash wallpaper I've seen. Thanks!
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Aaaaw yeeah this is so- Well in the words of Rainbow Dash herself: :iconso-awesomeplz:
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My desktop is now....(you should have seen this coming) 20% cooler.
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