I've noticed more and more lately that many lovely ladies seem to be marking more and more of their deviations with a "mature flag" that aren't actually mature deviations. I don't know if its a low self esteem / self judgment thing where they are viewing themselves as "dirty". Or if its an attempt at sensationalism like "hrrmmm maybe if I mark tons of stuff as mature, it'll get me even more watchers!". 

I really have no clue, just something I've been noticing. So whats next? Anything showing more skin than being covered in a winter coat and a hijab will be considered as "mature"? :iconevilgrin2plz:

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And they say God took woman out of Adam's rib when it was the man that was taken out of the woman.  WO-man.  Mitochondrial DNA:  the Eve Gene.  Yes, what would we do without our 'lovely ladies'! :D
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:sherlock: revisionI wonder....... 
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Now then you mentionned it, I did a journal entry more or less related to that situation.