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Next time someone asserts these gun control myths, show them this video.

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Also keeping in mind that videos such as this are for saving your own keystrokes, not to convince anyone of anything. Facts do not have some innate magic power that turns fools into scholars. People will believe whatever it is they want to, no matter what you say. Here is why:…

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AgnosticDragon Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Guns are easily transported across state lines because there is no internal border control in the United States. That is why national comparisons are made. Australia can keep out guns from other countries. New York State cannot keep out guns from surrounding states. That is why the comparison she makes does not work.
Graeystone Featured By Owner Edited Feb 21, 2018
Try legally buying Indian Reservation Cigarettes in bulk in New York then cross the state line into Pennsylvania. . .I'll be very surprised if you don't get pulled over in a 'random' traffic stop.
paradigm-shifting Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2018  Professional General Artist
Yeah, not to mention with the USA -- we have miles and miles and miles of coastline that is impossible to completely lock down and small boats can do shit in private ports. Not to mention private planes and private air strips owned by cartels that can completely subvert customs and sneak pretty much anything into the country. Also not to mention, if someone is good with metal and engineering and cad and CNC stuff, gun parts can be custom made without the need to be imported.

People forget that if someone has skill and tools, they can use that.
People forget that no law magically makes the black market cease to exist.
AgnosticDragon Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Australia has a pretty long coastline too. There will definitely be a black market, but I do not think it will be enough to offset the effects of having fewer guns manufactured legally and diverted.
paradigm-shifting Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2018  Professional General Artist
I personally think that all the crazy stuff that happens externally, is a result of all of the addressed emotional and psychological shit humanity has collectively. Which is why until we're ready to face that stuff, no fixes on the external will work -- as has been proven since the beginning of known human history. No ologies, no isms, no systems, nothing. Because those attempts are merely distractions away from the root problems. No house built upon a weak foundation can stand, even if you've built the best house to ever be built.
menapia Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2018
good reference to making yer own - here in Ireland the terrorists up in the north actually produced their own sub-machine guns called a "defender" or "Shipyard Special" since some were made by mechanics trained in Haarland & Wolff Shipyards. 

You might have heard of the criminal case involving Philip A. Luty of West Yorkshire, found it on and Irish Legal Information Institute) during independent study.  The case nicely illustrates how a law can't necessarily stop something - Luty was a home engineering hobbyist and author of a book called "Expedient Homemade Firearms" he just designed and built his weapons to show that the gun laws were ultimately futile and that if someone had the right know they stopped sod all.

Everything he designed was frighteningly simple and didn't explicitly need professional gunsmithing equipment and were quite capable of giving the English two-fingered salute to the law.

paradigm-shifting Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2018  Professional General Artist
Exactly. Writing words on paper does not delete knowledge and skill from criminals heads. It only makes their services more desired and more expensive.
menapia Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2018
actually thinking of using a similar idea in an alt-hist I'm working on, there'll be guys from the I.W.W., a couple of U.S. anarchists, dynamite boyos(check out Blair mountain*) and a few explosions.   There will however be no pointless things going Ka-Boom like in hollywood films, ditto no muscle-head heroes and no blonde bimbos(male or female).

*seriously I checked what kit these guys had to hand over after the Blair Mountain insurrection these guys had more weapons than the guys in the Dublin 1916 Rebellion including frickin Colt WW1 army surplus machine guns and plenty of dynamite to chuck around.   Then again they had some real S.O.Bs from the Baldwin-Felt Detective Agency to deal with
paradigm-shifting Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2018  Professional General Artist
I'm not an advocate of any politician, but Trump was recently explaining that banning the bump stocks won't do anything, and that maybe we should instead arm the teachers. I'm glad he said it because that is the conversation no one wants to have. I mean, we arm weed dispensaries and banks and we have security for all sorts of other things. Yet some how some way, by some dark twisted unicorn magic -- gun bans are the magical solution for school shootings when everyone else in every other industry has already had a solution called armed security?

I mean, its stupid. Its like saying rain coats only work in 48 of 50 states and because it allegedly doesn't work in 2 of the 50, we should ban rain coats in all 50 states. Imagining these people foaming at the mouth dressed like homeless bums does help take the edge off and makes me laugh a bit. lol
menapia Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2018
You might find Ireland strange - our police force is largely unarmed except for a small portion(detectives etc.*) you won't see bank staff armed but you will see the Irish army providing armed escort for bank deliveries.

Not many people actually bother to own a gun, except one or two rural cousins & uncles who have a shotgun for blasting pests I don't know anyone in my community that owns one, that's how rare they can be.  

Not entirely sure I'd have trusted one of my former teachers with a gun....ole Mrs. Smith was a bit twitchy and belligerent & as for one Principal eh....lets not think about it, I still remember the day I caught him topping up his tea flask with neat silver-top Gin.

* police officer Tony Golden got killed in 2015 while collecting a battered girl from the home she had shared with her republican dissident boyfriend & of course the Detective Gerry McCabe murder by I.R.A. dissidents
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