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Jim's Workbench - The Consequences Of Political Correctness

I've seen this collective apathy in all ages, not only the young. Humanity is infected. Otherwise I totally agree. It is division and lack of compassion that is causing this soul rot. Guns aren't the problem. Lack of compassion and this entitlement attitude is the problem.


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ardnaexela Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2018
Well I find it great that you voice your opinion. And on many parts I agree.
Even though I grew up and still live in Germany where it is a tad harder to understand the free availability of guns.
But in a country where for centuries guns have been free, banning guns is probably not going to work. There are already too many out there for that to work.
I do however think that removing laws is not a way either.
I do believe that controlling who has a gun in terms of registering guns is a good idea. As well as having armed security that is actually trained and evaluated for the job. And that security has to be at all those places where we know that danger lingers.
And then there is that train of political correctness that is just running rampant.
I mean being open to gays and not mistreating people for being black is one thing. But I think the world needs more people fighting for peace and less fighting for their right to be called by a gender neutral pronoun...
I could go on an endless rant about that everytime someone brings it up. But that just is too much work for me at the moment. Especially in a foreign language.
paradigm-shifting Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2018  Professional General Artist
I do see what you're saying and the main problem whether you're talking about Americans or Non-Americans, is that most people period do not understand the checks and balances that are already in place to maintain gun safety. Only the states that do not honor the Second Amendment (and any areas where there are "gun free zones") have the highest crime rates. The ones that honor the second amendment are the safest places in the USA.

Gun Safety Laws are an entirely different thing than banning certain types of weapons, or all weapons. Gun Safety laws already exist and neither the NRA nor anyone else in favor of guns, has any problems with the existing Gun Safety Laws.

For example, if you are a felon, you can not own a gun. PERIOD. EVER.
If you fail a background check, you can not be sold a gun.

The list goes on but we already have plenty of Gun Safety Laws, we've had them for years, and these checks and balances systems DO WORK.

These mass shootings only happen in gun free zones.

I live in Chicago, Illinois and though the state has always allowed guns, Chicago was under strict gun control only until recent times. Now that guns are allowed, this does not mean anyone can just have a gun and just do whatever. In order to carry a gun outside of your home, you must have an FOID card. This stands for Firearms Owner Identification.

This is actually better than a system of gun registration because it means without this card, you can not go walking around with a gun, period. If you are caught with a gun but you do not have this card, you will goto jail.

To get this card, you must complete a weapons training course. This course is so that at least hopefully, a person will learn how to be responsible with their weapon. Training greatly reduces the risk of accidental death through negligence.

The Second Amendment never was and never shall be a free for all. People simply just don't understand The Second Amendment, nor do they understand the existing laws and checks and balances that govern these things.

People often raise the argument of "well if the second amendment means the people can have any weapon they want, then this allows people to have military grade stuff that is super dangerous blah blah blah".

People forget that the more dangerous the weapon is, the MORE EXPENSIVE IT IS. I'm sorry, but most people are not Tony Fucking Stark with unlimited finances.

Plus, even those rare few multi-millionaires / billionaires that might be able to afford such things - if they were to use them irresponsibly, the world powers would put a massive hole in the ground where their house used to be. Consequences for actions.

Even our own citizens have a fundamental MISUNDERSTANDING about how this stuff actually works and quite frankly -- they don't want to know how it works. They just want to shake their fists and feel justified, because they get an emotional high off of it.

As the guy in the video said, the fact that they won't hire armed security for these schools, SPEAKS VOLUMES.

Seeing as you are from Germany I am sure you already know what the first thing Hitler did was when he rose to power: he took the guns away from the people. You can't send millions of people to death camps if they're shooting at you.
ardnaexela Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2018
You know Hitler had about the same rules you just mentioned in the rules he made when he rose. There is just one thing he banned that seems to be not explicitly banned in the us. Atleas t for my understanding. And that is selling guns to gypsies and travellers or everyone who lives like them. At least from the plane law there is not much I would have against that gun law he made.
It basically allows everyone who is over 18 and hasn't broken the law to buy a gun.
paradigm-shifting Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2018  Professional General Artist
This however, is where political correctness turns the law on its head.

Basically, he made it so that anyone branded as "undesirable" is not legally able to own a gun. History seems to indicate that Jews fell into that "not allowed" list. So basically, anyone he says falls on the list, is on the list. So basically, anyone who "disagrees with the Reich".

The law can be twisted when people assume that the law itself provides some form of magical protection. Nothing wrong with having laws, but laws are ink and paper. Ink and paper does not prevent misuse, abuse, twist and distortion. These twits and distortions are what the politicians who want to ban guns use against the people.
ardnaexela Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2018
you are right. and I meant to write that as an addition but decided to get some sleep beforehand.
The grand taking of the guns just didn't happen immediately. In 1933 Hitler became Reichskanzler. And in order to get guncontrol he first relied on preexisting laws.
But in 1938 there was a new law. This new law specifically forbade jews from owning guns.
Before he probably tried to not show what he was doing that much.
But I do agree that the law might be good. But that does not help if the people enforcing it are not.
It is actually on eof the fears I always have with laws.
paradigm-shifting Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2018  Professional General Artist
Well yes of course, I probably should have clarified what I mean by the phrase "rise to power". I mean that as the climax where he was able to trick the people into basically letting him get away with all of the stuff he was able to do. Obviously, tricking them took time. It is not like he snapped his fingers and magically, it was done in 2 seconds.

No tyrant ever rises to power on the platform of "Hey guys, elect me as your dictator! I promise lawlessness, tyranny, genocide and hell on Earth! Sounds fun, right people? Yes! You know you want it!" :lmao:

They rise to power virtue signaling about being for the people, and how much they value peoples rights, and all of the things you'd expect someone who is against tyranny to say.

The main problem with law is that it is rarely for the people by the people, and it is always convoluted. Lots of not very straight forward language in which anything can be twisted to mean anything that anyone wants it to mean. Plus, a total lack of transparency within the process of law making.

The other problem with laws, is the old saying that "rules are made to be broken". Most people do not really think about what this phrase truly means because most people really don't think at all. Society discourages it.

In Chicago, you will never see a law that forbids parking your elephant on the main street. This is because this law is impossible to break, because none of the citizens own any elephants. If a law can not be broken, it does not exist. Therefore, laws are literally made to be broken.

This leads to an attitude of putting bandaids on problems, rather than working towards solutions. But the thing is, bandaids make money and allow for a rise to various forms of tyrannical power.

Here is another perfect example ... laws of the road.

We could make roads as a system of over and under passes, for both cars and pedestrians on foot. It would eliminate the need for stop lights. The vast majority of accidents happen because of the existence of intersections. This is why for example here in the USA, the number of accidents which happen on the expressways and highways are far LESS than the number of accidents that happen on main streets. This is because highways and expressways use a system of over passes and under passes. Traffic can merge and switch directions without the need to come to a stop. Traffic jams on highways only happen as a result of there not being enough highways to be capable of handling the amount of traffic.

So it is not that there is some magical energy preventing us from modifying the roads away from traffic light systems to a system of under and over passes. It would take time, yes. Everything takes time. But it is not impossible to do. It is however undesired by people who make lots of money due to increases in car accidents and traffic violations. Harm and death create profits. It is a racket.
ardnaexela Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2018
Amen to that. Even though there arep robably other laws where the decisions are not that straight forward.
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