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Foamy The Squirrel: What Happened To People?

Foamy rants about how adulthood has become a state of extended adolescence. In other words -- tyranny via tantrum: lets be offended by EVERYTHING!!!!

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Graeystone's avatar
Now there's a name I haven't heard in a long time. . .hrm. . .
Foamy for Pesident.
Bill the Cat for VP.
paradigm-shifting's avatar
Well, that YouTube channel still makes videos regularly. They've not vanished. 

words of wisdom with foamy.

CarlyChannel's avatar
Foamy speaks the best truth.
lissygudiya's avatar
I remember watching this video.
paradigm-shifting's avatar
Their best one was the multi-part series called "Technical Support".
Aerodeth's avatar
Oh god, this guy's animation takes me back... I still remember that one animation he did of his girl character as a maid where her master tells her go down on him... and she ends up devouring his freaking genitalia in a bloody mess. NOSTALGIA.
paradigm-shifting's avatar
The best one was a multi-part series called "Technical Support" making fun of outsourcing tech support calls to countries where the people don't speak English very well. Hahaha.
Touch-Not-This-Cat's avatar
What a workaholic. I didn’t know that one;
I’ve given up trying to catch up on his work, you might as well try to read the entire “Blondie” comic strip archive going back to 1929.
123456789JD's avatar
They banned Alex Jones on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. What utter bullsh*t 
paradigm-shifting's avatar
Indeed. You'll all be hearing from me on that very soon.
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