Ethical Hacking Society - Blair Dick: I2P Network
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Ethical Hacking Society - Blair Dick: I2P Network Explained [sd 360p]

This flash talk about I2P was given by Blair Dick at a meeting of the University of Abertay, Dundee Ethical Hacking Society on Wednesday 25th January 2012.

The I2P network provides strong privacy protections for communication over the Internet. Many activities that would risk your privacy on the public Internet can be conducted anonymously inside I2P. I2P is an anonymous overlay network - a network within a network. It is intended to protect communication from dragnet surveillance and monitoring by third parties such as ISPs. I2P is used by many people who care about their privacy: activists, oppressed people, journalists and whistleblowers, as well as the average person. No network can be "perfectly anonymous". The continued goal of I2P is to make attacks more and more difficult to mount. Its anonymity will get stronger as the size of the network increases and with ongoing academic review.

I2P Project: geti2p.net

Ethical Hacking Society: hacksoc.co.uk/
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Most people have heard about Decentralized Networking at this point, however for the average semi-technical to completely non-technical person -- there has been quite a bit of confusion surrounding the topic. It has been spoken of as the salvation of the Internet and perhaps even humanity itself in many ways. That somehow, it is immune to most if not all of the failings and troubles of the current Centralized Networking technologies, including but not limited to making censorship impossible and giving agency and security to all data. And yet, every platform to use this technology so far appears at first glance, to not be enjoying the benefits that are claimed about the technology. Censorship is still on the rise, and Decentralized Platforms appear to have provided absolutely zero remedy to anything. In addition, Decentralized Technology ap

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