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The Neverending Dreamer

Many thanks for viewing and for all the recent emails and messages. I try to reply to them all, but if I haven't, feel free to message me again.

more work and free textures can be found at [link]
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can i buy this art as .jpg .png ? please, i want this exellent pic in full image size

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This is a beautiful work of art.

The intense spirituality I feel from it (I am pagan) is very astounding.

I love this a lot, and hope you make more. A lot of the people in my clowder (and yes we are named after a group of cats) love this picture. I am really tempted to print this off on a good quality photo stock. But I won't, because that would rude and disrespectful to any and all artist out there.

(I'm sorry for the rambling; this thing only allows the one hundred word minimum. Which is insanity.)

Goddess Bless


This piece is mesmerizing!!!  Beautiful in every way!!
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A cordial greeting, excuse me I do not speak English, I need a favor: I have been looking for the meaning of this man (like the one you did in your image) but with six arms and 6 legs
  This man with his arms like that, what does it mean?
   Where do I find information? in google I only found this photo…

  In my dream they appear. They have a height of 2m or more. One of them pulls me and immerses me next to him, to the water. Do you know where I can find information? Thanks for your attention.
A million things I need to tell you, but only this leaves my fingertips: THANK YOU FOR THIS ART! It is not an overstatement to mention I burst out in tears from your art! Not just this one, but all of them! I understand them, I relate to them! And in an odd and bizar way they open my mind, making all emotions leak at a peek of it! Seriously from the bottom of my tiny heart: THANK YOU!
This is incredible!
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people who say "pubg + minecraft = fortnite"
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You’re’st are’nt’d
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Probably the most amazing work i've seen here on deviant art. Very symbolic and metaphorical. I like the humming birds. Im guessing theres lots of hidden meanings in this on all levels of mysticism depending on how advanced a person is or knowledgeable.
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amazing colours!!!!well done!!!+fav +fav +fav See the free high resolution photos for your photomanipulation here:…Chew #1 

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The Neverending memer...
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it's now a meme oh god

still!! the art is good!!
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How can i buy this image 6000 x 3375 resolution…
Please answer to
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Absolutely incredible. It speaks to me in ways words cannot express. Thank you for creating such beauty. 
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