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Tailrace Park, Tasmania IR

My first infrared photo so far.
very pleased with my first attempt and can't wait to extend on this further.
Image details
Image size
800x450px 258.51 KB
Canon PowerShot S2 IS
Shutter Speed
80/10 second
Focal Length
6 mm
Date Taken
Jul 15, 2007, 1:45:21 PM
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I so want to do this. There's so many options for IR imagery, would you be willing to share any wisdom that you acquire on your current or further attempts?

I've looked into adding or removing the internal filters over the sensor in digital cameras; I've also looked into dedicated IR cameras like FLIR. Also lens front IR band pass filters. There many brands, and prices for these filters. It's hard to choose.

I've also looked into a similar application, except to create images in UV. This site has lots of info, including technique details and tips, and they modify digital cameras for IR & UV: [link]
For UV: [link]
For IR: [link]
I love this one: Changi Beach by Dannie Tj. - 李泉亮: [link]

I also found:
Singh-Ray IR & Visible Light Filters: [link]

Thanks, I hope I've helped in some small way, Chip
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That's really cool.
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Paceful and quiet. Very nice.
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a first one is always remembered :D
I like it, it came out just fine. 8 seconds is a bitch - wind blurs out the details on the trees and grass, but there's not much a photographer can do about that...
but - I just recently modified a Canon G2 - took out the IR blocking filter in front of the CCD and replaced it with clear glass. I get exposures of 1/500s @ f/4 and ISO 50 :boogie:
So consider that too - there's a lot of used Canons G1, G2, G3, G5 for sale on ebay at acceptable prices, and here's how you can convert it to IR: [link]
have fun in infrared! ;)
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wow! thanks so much for the info, I'll definitely look into it.
That's unreal you can use IR and still get an exposure of 1/500 at only F/4. Good job!

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and there's a bonus - you get some really interesting results if you don't use a IR filter! most of the colors are more or less the same, maybe a bit less saturated, the sky is blue (polarizer helps), but the green foliage is changed - similar to what you get with the filter. and playing with white balance is fun, fun, fun! :D
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looks like something right out of a dream
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