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Endless Moment

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Uranus1997's avatar

Legend has it that to this very day.

Those two Gods are still making mindless love and pumping out a new universe every 5 seconds.

Although as far as how those universes get born..................... I really don't know.

Still. A fine job done on the drawing. God bless and have a nice day.

TimelessHalls's avatar

The mind numbing cosmic horror of being caught forever in the half-embrace of your beloved, unable to close around them, their lips and your lips mere centimeters from meeting in a passionate kiss, only to gaze in wild, terrified frustration as they stare back at you with the same dawning realization you are both trapped in an inescapable time paradox, the universe spinning out around you, collapsing back in on itself only to be reborn again, over and over and over as you both go silently insane together.

(Shh. I might have missed the mark with this one. :B)

SketchMonster1's avatar

Breathtaking. The color technique is stunning. Exquisite work.

Angeriu's avatar

As if Divine, Infinity, God and Godess makes love ♥

dejaloveart's avatar

this is really beautiful <3

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