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Basics- Installing Brushes

Just a simple little tutorial of how to install new brushes or brush sets :)

EDIT: Updated with this little tid-bit from ~BlazingsNL-

"You can also put them in C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop\Presets\Brushes\ and Photoshop will load them automatically for you"

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Will this file work in GIMP by any chance?

Thank you very very much.
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Do you know if this process (as well as your hair brush set) will work in Photoshop elements?
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I don't believe it does. I think there may be a way of recreating these brushes in elements with this image pack - [link] however I'm not sure of the process for this as I have never used elements
i cannot seem to use any brushes at all?
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just a question, to use these brushes our pen needs a program named "pen pressure" right? because I don't think mine has that :(

Anyway cool tutorial :)
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Some brushes to require pen pressure to function as intended. Pen pressure isn't a program its is a capability that some graphics tablets [link] have that senses how hard you are pressing on the pad and adjusts the size and opacity of the brush in photoshop accordingly.

Example: [link]

Hope that helps :)
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wow thank you very much for your help :D now I have to see If I can aquire one of those pens and I will be able to use a lot more brushes isn't that right?
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No problem :)
Yes if you get a pen and tablet with pressure sensitivity you'll be able to use more functions of many brushes as well as adding it to brushes that dont already use it for some cool effects.
I'd recommend the Wacom Bamboo Fun for a first tablet. Its the cheapest of their range but is very good for a starter.
(I have the bamboo fun which has served me well for over a year now but I think they've made the basic bamboo better so not sure which is the best of the two)
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oh thanks again, and sorry to keep the conversation going but I have one of the 3 you showed me :meow: it's the green one (cheapest also) say do you think the blue one has that program because I know I can buy it here:D

and thanks again :meow:
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You mean this one [link] ?
If so they yes it should have pressure sensitivity

Just to be 100% sure do the following steps:

:bulletblue: Open a blank document in Photoshop, press 'b' (to activate your brush) and press f5. This should open this window - [link]
:bulletblue: Select a basic round brush.
:bulletblue: Make sure the highlighted options are checked (Shape Dynamics and Other dynamics)
:bulletblue: Now hold down 'shift' on the keyboard (to make the line straight) and run your pen across the tablet, pressing firmly at first then reduce the pressure.

The line you produce should look a little like the bottom of these two - [link]
If it looks like the top line then there may be a problem with the software so make sure all your drivers are up to date (at the wacom website), reload photoshop and try again. If it still looks like the top line then either the tablet doesn't have pressure sensitivity or there may be a fault with the tablet.
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wow thank you really much for your help but you see when I open the window you say in th first place, the line doesn't gets lighter, it's always the same if you know what I mean. So it appears I really don't have that programm :XD: thanks again for the help :D

btw checked your gallery and you have amazing works :D
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Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!! Been struggling with this for weeks! :D:D:D:D:D:D
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doing this won't erase my default brushes will it?
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No, as I say in the tutorial it wont.
If at any point you are asked if you want to replace current brushes choose 'Append brushes' (I can't recall if I disabled this pop up on mine so I'm not sure when this usually comes up. On mine it is only if you choose 'Replace' from the drop down.)
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oh ok. thank you! :D
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You know, the easier way to install brushes is just to drag and drop it onto the Photoshop shortcut on your desktop -_-
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Did not know that lol.
When you do it that way does it replace your current set or just add to it? and is that with CS4 or all versions?
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its with all versions of photoshop and all it does is add the brushes.
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it did'nt work in my ps elements :/
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