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:icondrrplz::iconsaysplz: HAY GUYS REMEMBER ME? DRR DRR DRR

I'm just messing around, seeing what Mr. DRRDRRDRR may look like if he were more, I unno, realistic-ish-ly drawn.

Imagine: In a hole like that, all your skin would also be scraping back and your hair would be scraped off, the stretching would pop out joins and tear apart limbs, tear skin; you would be stuck in there so you also would be growing anemic, thin, body eating all your own fat and flesh to make the stretching even easier. You'd probably be dead by the other side, but maybe you'd still have a bit of life in you. Undead? Nearly so? Either way, you'd look like this and all you can say is "DRR!"
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H ̸̹̪͇̜̟͔͓ ̛͔̪̻͖͎̝E̛͖̬̳̩͕̭ ̛͎̥͚̺̲ ͍̩̜L̺̗͓̥̻͓͕ ̟̻̜̫̮̜͠ ̪͍ͅP̤̦̩̖̟̝̫̀ ̜̖̹̹̕ ̜̝̜̰ ̵M ͙̫̖͔͚͜ ̙̜̳͕̘̥͡E̵ ̳̲̺ ̳͇͇̻͎
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Ted: (oh shut up)
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Laharl234Hobbyist Writer
Spaghetti Men, that's my name for them.

Anyways Amigara Fault is... a decent horror story I suppose, but it falls flat for me like so many others do. It's unfulfilling. What is the fault? Why does it possess people? What are they turned into? Is it harmful? Which person specifically was the Spaghetti Man at the end? Some people may like having a million questions like that, but I don't. Those sorts of abrupt endings just feel like failures to me. Like the authors decided to just stop because they can't think of anything else. It's unfinished.
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I don't think the ending was abrupt at all - we know exactly what happened to the people who went into the holes. As for what made them go in and how the holes got there, that's something that went completely unanswered, but I think it just adds to the scariness of the story. It's called The ENIGMA of Amigara Fault, and an enigma is something that can't be answered. It's clear that they weren't really "turned into" anything - they were still human, just horribly mutilated, and we can assume it was pretty harmful. I was also wondering which specific person the Noodle Man at the end was, but that's really something we don't need to know, since we can assume that the same thing happened to every person who went into the holes.
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BrownieRaiderStudent Traditional Artist
 I just assumed it was the first guy or the main character.  
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Laharl234Hobbyist Writer
It doesn't add to the scariness; the story's rather humourous and not having any real ending just makes it even more hilarious because it's ended so abruptly. It's not even really a story because it doesn't have an ending. It just stops when it starts getting
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Well, I personally thought that the holes were a metaphor for life.
Like, your path in life is made for you, but once you go in you can't come back out, but when you finally get out the other end you've changed so much you're barely even what you used to be.
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WritKeeperHobbyist Artist
I'm just gonna go die now okay
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This makes me wonder if something like this ACTUALLY does exist somewhere in the world or in history, just not discovered yet. I mean, the romans had some weird ass death traps back then...
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It would be an awful form of torture :c

and your icon is just
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LOOKS KINA LIKE THE SCREAM. :iconthescreamplz:

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JohnFaaStudent Writer
The most realistic out come would really be what happened to the first guy, who got stuck.
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Holy crap that is... H-holy crap, amazing.
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He looks beaten...
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Ahhh!! DX
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Nooooo!! D':
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Crazy ^^
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This is freakishly captivating xD best way I could think to describe it
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x3 lulz. Didja read the thingamajig?
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the manga? nope x3 but I will now
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xD just read the last page. It's supposed to be funny, right? x3
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