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Digital Commissions - Info and Policies by Paprika-Studios



I accept payments in form of money orders and payments by Paypal ( You do not need a PayPal account that is linked to your bank to pay through PayPal; any major debit/credit card can be used to pay an invoice. Please remember that your shipping is included to the mainland USA and Canada. Please contact me for shipping estimates outside this area.

<3 I WILL WORK FOR NENDOROID OR NENDOROID PETITS BY GOOD SMILE COMPANY! <3 If you are interested in paying for your commission using nendoroid/nendoroid petit, please note me with your proposals. Here is my current wish list:… 

This list is always ever changing because of new releases or I see a nendoroid/nendoroid petit that I hadn't notice before. Please feel free to note me to inquire if you do not see the particular nendoroid/nendoroid petit you want to use to pay your commission with and you do not see it on my Wishlist.


When commissioning me for a drawing commission, please include example images and/or descriptions of the characters involve. Details and final prices will be discussed further in notes. All prices above are subjected to the complexity of the characters(s). Afterwards, you will be placed on a Wait List.

Full payment is due before I begin the commission. After the payment has been made, I will move your username to the "Current Commission" list with "[PAID]" notated besid eyour name. If you are unable to make a payment when its due, you will be placed on the bottom of the wait List and will move on to the next person on the Wait List.

Once a sketch is complete, I will contact you with approval before I continue to the lineart process. This is the only time when changes to the design can be made. When the commission is completed, I will mail you a physical 8.5 x 11 print of the image as well as email you a high-res PNG file (transparent and with background) to your e-mail address. Shipping prices 

If the character commissioned is a CANNON CHARACTER, I reserve the right to resell the commission at my disposal as well to use the commission as an example of my work on Deviantart, Facebook, Twitter, and my personal portfolio. If the character is a ORIGINAL CHARACTER, I reserve the right to use your commission as an example of my work on Deviantart, Facebook, Twitter, and my personal portfolio.

Any commission work can be followed here on Deviantart, Facebook, Twitter. Sketches and linearts will only be submitted on Facebook and Twitter. I also tend to stream while working on artwork and are welcome to watch the process when/if I am working on your commission.


Q: Why the different tier pricing for Cannon Characters and Original Characters?

A: The reason for different tier pricing for Cannon Characters and Original Characters is mainly for resell value. As a cannon character that exists in a already establish series/movie/published comic/etc, I am able to resell these prints at conventions/storenvy and continue to gain revenue. As for Original Characters, I consider them to be a limited edition drawing, thus I will not resell the piece.

Q: If you have plans to resell my cannon commission, why charge a commission price at all?

A: When someone commissions me to draw a cannon character, you are still commissioning my services to draw for you. Chances are that I may have never planned to draw that character or only have planned to draw that character further down the road.

Q: Why do you not accept Homestruck/Nightvale commissions?

A: These group of "indie” artists has specifically asked to not have the their works sold by anyone else by them. Out of personal respect for indie artists, I had decided to comply with their requests.

Q: How does the 8.5 x 11 print work with your commissions?

A: Whenever someone commissions me for a digitally colored piece, you automatically get a 8.5 x 11 piece mailed to you which is included in the commission price. All other add-ons are not included in the price though.

Q: I was apart of the Waitlist and you raised the prices of your commissions. Will I have to pay the new pricing?

A: No and yes. When it comes time for your turn in the Waitlist for your commission, you will get the previous pricing of my commission rate before the price increase. This is a ONE TIME OFFER ONLY. If you end up having to skip your turn to the Waitlist Line and added to the bottom of the list, the new commission pricing will be applied. I will mark your name with an ** to show that you qualify for the previous pricing.

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