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OSI: Hobby

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-*Project Information*-

Title: OSI: Hobby -Lineart-
Characters Featured: Chibiusa, Maaya, and Hotaru
Programs Used: Pencil, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop
Hours Consumed: 10+ hours
Most Dislike Part About It: Too many :faint:

• Sailor Silence/Maaya is the sole property of © =Paprika-Studios
• The Sailor Moon Univesrse is the sole property of ©Naoko Takeuchi.
• Checkered Pattern (Chibi background) is created by © ~powerpuffjazz [link]

OSI Info

One of Maaya’s hobbies that have seemed to stick by her throughout the years is scrapbooking. After her mother was murdered in front of her, Maaya discovered scrapbooking through a class project and helped her repress the memories and guilt of her mother’s death by reminding herself of the good times she had with her mother.

Currently, Maaya continues with her scrapbooking in order to help continue to help her find her “happiness” as well as suppress unwanted memories although she is unaware of this action. The reason why she needs to find her “happiness” though is because every times she reverts back to her civilian form, it becomes harder each time as her mood/personality can often linger without remaindering her “happiness”.

Typically, Maaya adds a new page to her scrapbook after what she dubs as a “happy”, “fun” or “memoriable” event. In the case of the artwork, it actually reflects the moment where Maaya is working on a scrapbook page of her trip to the beach that she tagged along with Hotaru and Chibiusa [link] . I figured that Hotaru and Chibiusa would be curious and would look over her shoulder while Maaya was working on her scrapbooking.

The image itself is a play on a "scrapbook"/hobby theme.

Non-OSI Information

So here is my final piece of my entry for #OtakuSenshiIdols’s Top 6 Round – Hobby! While I am a bit disappointed in where I had to cut corners in order to get this in on time, I’m still happy with the result. I was almost afraid that I wouldn’t finish this before the deadline but I somehow managed to do it. :faint:

I honestly couldn’t tell you how strict on time I was on with this piece. For the past two weeks, I have been met with roadblock after roadblock. First I get placed on meds which makes me severely drowsy, then my daughter gets sick [twice], and then it was crunch time at my workplace – which made my time on this piece extremely limited.

So let’s talk about the image. The image itself is a representation of the whole “scrapbook” theme that is one of Maaya’s hobbies hence why I didn’t shade everything in the image; it is done on purpose. :la: On how she got to scrapbooking and how it plays an important role in her life, take a look at the OSI Info at the top as it goes over that information.

Since I was rushed, it is definitely not one of my best shading jobs but still this was a fun piece to make just because of the composition. While I was heading for a scrapbook theme, I kept thinking about all those artworks that you would find in manga albums with the pretty surprise art within the comic.

On another note, this deviation took a LONG time to upload – in fact, it made me late. I’m hoping that this will still be accepted though because of DA’s stoooopid uploading system! :faint: Okay, I'm rambling! I shall stop now! :D



Sketch: [link] [link] [link]
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sydchan's avatar
This turned out so amazing and I love how happy and colorful it is. Shopping Maaya is by far my fav and even if it's a little sad, I do think it really cool and interesting how she got into scrapebooking. The more I learn about Maaya, the more I come to love her. :D
Paprika-Studios's avatar
Aww!! :hug: Thank you so much hun!!
HeartOfAmethyst's avatar
I love love love the totally has a scrapbook feels. And the colors balance well. I love how it all turned out. My same critique applies to the WIP...but I know it's hard to change stuff last minute.
Paprika-Studios's avatar
Thank you! :hug: Yeah, unfortunately with the time constraint, I couldn't do any further adjustments to the lineart. ^^;
SailorDarkness's avatar
Purty!! It looks great finished. I love hot it looks like a scrapping booking page. And the shopping drawing in the middle looks amazing! :love: Great job!
Paprika-Studios's avatar
Thank you!! :glomp: I'm really glad that it came off as looking like a scrapbook page. As for the drawing in the middle, I went and used an old coloring technique to shade the hair this time as I was running out of time [my old technique doesn't take as much time as my new one]
Shinwa-Tsuki's avatar
Shinwa-Tsuki's avatar
Miimeme's avatar
i love how her hair looks in the center, very realistic looking.
Paprika-Studios's avatar
Thank you so much! :love:
Miimeme's avatar
no problem, it's difficult to make purple hair look natural.
VoltronZ1's avatar
So, Maaya uses her scrapbook to help her repress the memories and guilt of her mother’s death by reminding herself of the good times she had with her mother. As long as it makes her happy, I'm happy too. :D

Anyway, this looks so bright and colorful Ms. Paprika, the three do look great together. I guess Hotaru and Rini love to help Maaya with her scrapbook. Great work once more. :thumbsup:

Hmmmmmm..... If I may, here's a little song for her when she's doing her hobby with not her friends, but also with Mayoku too. [link]
Paprika-Studios's avatar
Thank you :D

And thanks for the song! :D I always loved the movie "Twins". :giggle:
PhiannaRose's avatar
This is so sweet! Especially her reason behind it. Poor girl!
GwenMayhem's avatar
This is so adorable! I love how you shaded her hair!

And I'm so glad you got this in, I was worrying whether or not you were gonna make it :/
Paprika-Studios's avatar
Thank you! :hug: I was wondering that myself as I knew I was getting short on time ^^; But thank goodness I did :D
GwenMayhem's avatar
I was pushing it too, I think I got mine in an hours before yours, haha
Paprika-Studios's avatar
Hehe, I think this round was challenging to everyone because it seems that almost everyone uploaded their entry the last day of the deadline :giggle:
GwenMayhem's avatar
I noticed that! I think only one or two people uploaded it before the last night. But even then it was only 1 or 2 days before hand.
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