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Berry Punch

By Pappkarton
Berry Punch loves to drink some punch.

Based on a screenshot from episode s1e12: "Call of the Cutie"

Used ~KTurtle's Color Keys for this: [link]
.psd here: [link]
7k Cutie Mark here: [link]

Feel free to use.
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© 2012 - 2021 Pappkarton
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peacelovehalstewart's avatar
hello berry PUNCH! sorry could not help myself
FiMvisible's avatar
I used some assets from this excellent vector, thank you very much for saving me a lot of time with that cutie mark/tail! ^^

Used here:…
Pappkarton's avatar
That's what I made it for :D 
Happy to have saved you about 60 minutes of time, but maybe I was just clumsy to take that long ;)
FiMvisible's avatar
Oh, I know how that feels... tracing Carrot Top's cutie mark was a veritable pain. =P

That's why I started looking for vector versions of the more complex cutie marks at least, but most available resources seem to be mostly SVG, whereas PSD files are much rarer. So... thanks again, fellow Photoshop user! :D
Vinyl-Beat's avatar
If yall like berry punch so much, then here's a wallpaper i made! :)…
foxstrider's avatar
I would like to use this for a tumblr post, and of course will credit if that is okay. I'll submit a link once it is posted.
OJhat's avatar
Hi, i used and credited this here, if that's alright :D : [link]
Luna-WorldLeader's avatar
I'm going to use this for a project, if that's okay with you. I'll post it when I figure out how to put photoshop pics on here.
Pappkarton's avatar
That's wat I made it for :)
If you are talking about .psd files, use
Luna-WorldLeader's avatar
Sorry if I am being a bother, but how do I do that? I'm not an expert when it comes to changing format. Only art and music.
Reagga's avatar
Could I use this?
Reagga's avatar
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