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Three weeks ago I became the father of a beautiful little girl!  Unfortunately, I don't have the energy to process and post photos, much less take new ones.  I am still around, checking my deviations an messages, but it is going to be awhile before I get around to posting anything.
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It's summer, which means long days that are great for railfanning--and I'm too busy to enjoy any of it.

My day job is the software architect and primary framework developer for a small startup company writing healthcare software.  We have a big project with a tightly packed schedule and it is eating up most of my spare time.  Indeed, I'm needing to work weekends to keep up.

Anyway, it is safe to assume that my activity will be kept down to my usual commenting (which is a nice use of my short break time), but I will not be posting any pictures until my schedule loosens up a bit.  :)
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Yesterday I went on an all day trek with rdw283 to chase Southern Pacific 4449 from the Oregon border into Spokane, WA.  I have chronicled our endeavors with a posted picture and a blurb from each of the dozen stops we made, but was careful to keep each shot unique and interesting so that each one would be worth viewing.………… is my favorite one!)……………………


Sat May 2, 2009, 7:38 PM
Spring is here, including days with Sun. Time to go take photos with my new camera!

I got a Canon Rebel XT and a Tamron 18-200mm lens and am having to get into the swing of a manual camera again; but it is so much nicer than my aging Canon SD550.  My only complaint is that my lens has more chromatic aberration around the edges than I'd like... but for $280 I can't complain too much.  :)

I look forward to getting in some good days of railfanning in the near future!

Let's hope they can get caught-up and plow my neighbourhood soon, so that I can escape!
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The Snow Won't Stop!

Thu Dec 18, 2008, 2:47 PM
Here in Spokane WA, getting a little snow here and there is normal. 3" here, 2" there, sometimes even 6" (which stresses our system), but in the last 24 hours we set new records!

The official previous record was 13" of snow in 24 hours at the airport.  Today we topped that by 4" and made it to 17" in 24 hours.  But the snow hasn't let up.

The storm system has parked itself, starting yesterday morning and still going this afternoon.  Out in my yard, it is probably around 2 feet deep right now.  I spent two hours shoveling just to make a path to one of the cars, and make a 2' wide hole for it to sit in.

Anyway, while 2' in 48 hours may not be a problem in some places, here the town has pretty much shut down.  The city buses aren't running, and pretty much anyone not in a 4WD with chains is getting stuck.  They even closed streets in downtown last night because the plows couldn't keep-up and traffic was getting stuck!

Let's hope they can get caught-up and plow my neighbourhood soon, so that I can escape!
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So I have plenty of pictures to publish, including some from a day of railfanning a couple weeks ago.  But I haven't had the time and/or energy to go through them, process them, and post them.

The problem is that work has been a lot of, well, work lately.  We are on the cusp of possibly getting a large contract from another company, which will be a giant boost to our small (though quickly growing) business.

Being the first of three developers (and the software architect), it gets pretty hectic, and if we  get the contract it'll be even more hectic.

Of course, I kind of lied on the time thing.  I do have a little time here and there, which due to the lack of energy to do much else, is a great opportunity to get in a little SPORE.  While not a great hardcore gamer game, it is hitting the spot for me because I don't have to commit large swaths of time to it.

Now the question is:  How much sense do I make when writing a journal entry before the espresso kicks in?
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I've only been slowly posting recently, but I have no lack of material to post; instead my time is quite limited these days thanks to all the hobbies I insist of pursuing.

Currently I have been splitting my precious spare time between a couple projects, including a programming project with my brother, hosting roll playing games with my cousin (who is 1000 miles away), and spending time playing with my good friend rdw283 and his HO scale layout.

Hopefully I'll make time to post some of my backlog of train pictures from my last railfanning trip, some flower pictures from the conservatory, and my fireworks pictures from the 4th.  (On the last I might wait until a cold, dark day to post them so I can remember the warmth of summer.)

Additionally, I *hope* to have some pictures from my rafting trip in Alaska that I'm going on early next month.
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Christmas was great, and New Years back with my family in Santa Rosa was fun. I got a lot of cool things including more paints to keep up practice on painting, and the trading of a car for a new camera.  (Now I just need a cool lens!)

Work has been really hectic leading up into the holidays and it shows little sign of calming down.  However,  I hope to filter on small amounts of new deviations in the next couple weeks.
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I haven't posted any new pictures in awhile, but that doesn't mean I'm dead.

I've been distracted by a number of other things and haven't spent the time to post any of the pictures in my backlog of pictures to share.

One of the things I've been distracted by is my new blog (  After I get a library of content up, including some good ones about advanced Ruby on Rails programming, I plan on trying to get some recognition for my blog.  If anyone wants to check it out and/or give me blog ideas, suggestions, and constructive criticism, that would be great!

Work has also been eating up a lot of my time.  We are working to get a contract with a college for our chiropractic software.  It is looking good that we'll get it, but it isn't a done deal yet, so I'm not counting on it.  Getting this contract would be a *really* big boon to our startup.

Lastly, The Sims 2 is a drug that has eaten up what spare time I have left.  It is actually scary how one can sink so much time into something that sounds so lame.  (My wife used to harass me that the game looked stupid... that is, until she actually played it; now she is ashamed to be as addicted to it as I am.)
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