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The Boob Fairy Game

By paploman
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The Boob Fairy Game is back!

Feel free to download it here (32MB):…

I’m posting some tutorials soon.
Have fun!
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© 2017 - 2020 paploman
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BoobiesssssNew Deviant

I love playing this when I was young

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paplomanProfessional Digital Artist
I hope it will be around for you to play till you get old! 😁
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LarrySpring96Professional Digital Artist
cool game
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paplomanProfessional Digital Artist
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I tried opening this on mac but it says it's not compatible. Seems like an error but I'm not sure why.
DevilFang13's avatar
I'm having an error when I try to boot up the game it won't do anything but load and when I first installed it and it asked if I wanted to open it after it was done configuring it said an error occurred and it shuts itself off. Any ideas on what I can do?
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680000Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I can't seem to download it. Is this on any website like last time?
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paplomanProfessional Digital Artist
I just tried it and it does download.. Sorry, no website at the moment...
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So happy this game has been brought back, I have missed it!
PlayerZombie123's avatar
I physically cannot get past the "name a character" thing. Can anyone help?
Crimson-Hairess's avatar
I have my Adobe air up to date, but every time I try to open the file it just downloads another copy.  Any help here?
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DeviantMinzerStudent Filmographer
:slamhead: revamped 
ZoNnE-The1Zone's avatar
ZoNnE-The1ZoneHobbyist Artist
if you use it with internet explorer, work but lag. if you use Opera, they will download
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I'm glad it's back!! I used to play it in your website, and I commented frequently at some point. Maybe even with this same username. I don't remember very well.
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paplomanProfessional Digital Artist
Haha, I remember your nickname! Glad to hear from you!
lamusarania's avatar
I'm glad you are around, too!
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Is there plans for an EZ mode? Slower/less Satyrs or something? 
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paplomanProfessional Digital Artist
Unfortunately, I won't touch this game ever again. But I'm making new better stuff now
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Good Job!
I hadn't been able to find this anywhere since the site went down, thank you!
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gamerjohn022691Hobbyist General Artist
Every time I press the space bar, it hurls me back to the title screen. How do I fix it in swiff player?
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KaijugameHobbyist Traditional Artist
Great to have you back!  Always had fun playing your cute BE game!
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is it possible to do this for the milky boobs game, as well?
shineypooface's avatar
i opened it but it is super laggy for some reason
karnage70's avatar
404 not found? Am I missing something here?
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