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Undertale Complete Map - Waterfall

1) I took all of these screenshots after completion of the Pacifist run...therefore they will not be entirely consistent for everyone (especially If you're just encountering the area...there will be things relevant to specific parts of the run that disappear afterwards.
2) That means that NO, this map does NOT have the area that breaks off after Undyne chases you. That is a temporary area developed for plot progression and DISAPPEARS after falling to the garbage dump and battling the mad dummy.
3) This map does not include SECRET AREAS that are only available by altering game files. Those secret areas will be in a SEPARATE map I eventually upload, so do not bother me about them until then.
EDITs (2/8/2016): Added Onionsan, Shyren Area, Artifact Room, Statue Room, Rain area, Teal "sea" area (see the blue stars),  Nice Cream Vendor room, and Abandoned Quiche room.
If anything OTHER than that which is mentioned above still appears to be missing from this map, please tell me and I'll be happy to add them. If you comment without reading, your suggestion will be ignored.
Thank you! Onion-san goes yay! 
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Can you make an hd version?

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Thanks for this map. Had to do some backtracking to head to shops.

how exactly did you make this? I want to do a similar thing with the intestines in Birdgut

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Napstablook's house
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This is really helpful, but there is a Frisk in the quiche room. Thank you for making this!
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Well done! These maps have been very helpful. Thanks!
Well done.
Its amazing.
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I'm writing a fanfiction on Undertale, and I can't really understand where the bridge scene would be. I understand that it isn't on the map for a reason, but could you please tell me where it would be located if it was? It would be super helpful!
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Umm..I think you might have left DA? Anyway I'll try to answer this question to the best of my ability in case anyone else has the same question...the bridge scene/chasing scene with Undyne would be directly to the right of the area where the monster kid boost you up (where the umbrellas and the horse-like monster are on this map, allll the way over to the right. It's easier to see here in this walkthrough on yT around the 23 minute mark. Hope this helps!
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There is a frisk near the little bench over on the right if you havent noticed. .3.
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aha I have :) I'm leaving them there because even though it's not really a "secret area" it's kinda unknown and I think it's special so I just sorta let them chill there xD (and I forgot but shh no one needs to know)
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there's also one at the Tra la la boat man.
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My other favorite location.
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waterfall is HUGE. this might help me in the game though thank you.
how do i enter the room behind the piano
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Sorry this comment is like 3 months after you asked, but I' reply anyway in case other people have a similar question ;--;
You have to give the stone statue an umbrella, and the reflecting raindrops will start to play a song. Listen to that song, remember it, and then play it correctly on the piano and the wall will open.
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where's the big hill that undyne was standing on?
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thats rite between waterfall and hotland
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Ah, Waterfall. Simply the most beautiful place on Earth, no? Beware the man who speaks in hands~ 
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Somebody, help. I was saving EVERY map of Undertale locations. But, uh... This one is... in a... not very good quality. Could you please make a better quality one? I honestly apologize, if I was rude, sorry again.
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Just a note, Waterfall is a VERY difficult map to recreate, as there are parts that don't line up. The area where the bird flies you over the gap of water? That's actually spanning about half the map. You can't accurately connect that area while also having the rest of the map be properly intact. A mega map on Reddit shows Waterfall by the main map, with a line between the shortcut, but I believe HigurashiKarly felt it easier to base her map off the shortcut rather than the full path, to try and make sense of it.
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Since Gaster's "canon," in a sense that you can find him without hacking the game, can we get the Gaster rooms?
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Without edited the game files, you can't find Gaster rooms. This is a map of the unedited game.
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