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Drawing Hands

Let's draw hands!

I hope this helps some one out there. c:

Edit: Corrected some misspellings and changed the colour of the text as per =FOERVRAENGD's suggestion. c:

Other things I've done:

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Agirlwithmessyhair's avatar
One of a few GREAT & Easy to understand tutorial i've ever seen, I'm gonna try this and hope this works for me!

Thank you very much!
Paperwick's avatar
Thank you! I'm very glad! 
moniquevelasquez's avatar
Thank you so much! Great tutorial! Little shapes and stuff like the box method you mentioned makes it a lot easier. Thanks again and nice work!!
officialchocolate's avatar
Thank you, this really helped me
HerosLegend's avatar
This is very helpful. Great job.
Paperwick's avatar
Awesome! Thank you! 
Metalraptor's avatar
Awesome tutorial. :D
FlyingCarpets's avatar
Oh hello there, I was just looking for tutorials on how to draw hands (the struggle is real XDDD) and whose tutorial do I find? XDD *studies it*
Paperwick's avatar
xD Oh god, what are the chances? I hope it helps. I still stand by what I said before: great to practice from Milt Kahl's hands. 
FlyingCarpets's avatar
For now you had me that part where you said how important it is to understand what is underneath, so I decided it's probaablty high time for me to finally do that and got sidetracked into drawing hands from x-ray photos like… and stuff, so I still have to read through the rest XDDD But this is certainly staying open in my Chrome forever until I learn how to draw hands XDDD
Leira15's avatar
Paperwick's avatar
Ha ha, thank you!
Leira15's avatar
You're welcome :meow:
dark-secret1's avatar
It really helps me, because I can't draw hands.
AbyssalSerpent's avatar
Quite a handful (no pun intended!) of different techniques. I'll give them all a try!
Raz-Manga's avatar
thanks for the nice tips.
ChibiMonga0211's avatar
Wow.... I do find it quite interesting to see how often I forget humans are made of bones, not just muscle....
Thanks so much! This really helped :D
Paperwick's avatar
Awesome! I'm glad to hear that! c: 
ChibiMonga0211's avatar

So... I would like to say that I referenced this tutorial.... and it really did help a lot thanks!!!!

Btw, I'm also watching your DA page now!! Your art is cool!!!!!

Paperwick's avatar
Awesome! I'm glad it's been helpful! : D

Thanks so much for the support as well. c: It means a lot. ♥
simplyskecha's avatar
Drawing hands!!! I'm saved!!!!
Paperwick's avatar
-salutes- B| Goodluck, my friend. 
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