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{OC} Roxie Ref Sheet

By PaperTsubaki
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[OC] Roxie's Song by PaperTsubaki
My idiot child's ref sheet
Pay no mind to this ;; I just needed to put this up for buying comms since I can't sent thumbnails via Note
This is particularly her idol outfit which is more complicated than her usual one~!
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Kaylee-Senpai's avatar
She's so cute! Oh my god :heart:

One thing I am confused on though, how is she loyal and also two-faced? That's an interesting mashup lol. Also self-sacrificing and also selfish xD
PaperTsubaki's avatar
Thank you :heart:
She’s loyal to the ones she loves but can be backstabbing to those she doesn’t like (she will smile to your face but her real feelings come out when you’re gone. She’s a jealous person haha) she’s generally neurotic and isn’t really nice or mean just kind of... yeah
Both contradictions come from her friendships and relationships. She’s a massive hypocrite. She will die for anyone’s protection but there are times where it’s her way or nothing. I.e. she will risk her life to save a stranger but if someone she’s dating talks to another girl she’ll get jealous and ‘peacock’. Walking contradictory idiot child :’) I’ve been developing her for 13 years now
Kaylee-Senpai's avatar
Ohhh makes sense.... It's amazing how detailed and.... "real" your OCs feel lol

With my twins (who are getting a complete redesign soon~) Kiyoshi and Kohaku, I've been developing their personality ever since my first drawing of them xD so like two years ago? I didn't post it to DA. At first it was just "twin brother angel/devil" pfft.. but as I kept drawing them with different expressions I kept adding and removing things.. so now it's like, "Kiyoshi - The "mom" and is really responsible but weak-willed. Kohaku - The troublemaking worrywart with self-esteem issues" xD

^ I added that because I kinda understand how the "I've been developing her for 13 years" feels, they're like our children lmao
gliterooo's avatar
wowwww everyone is so good at making refs and I'm here like
where tf do I put a picture of this tongue?? 
PaperTsubaki's avatar
LOOL That made my day infinity :') I'm sure you're a lot better than you think you are.
I don't even know how often my drawings my drawings DON'T resemble blobs :')
gliterooo's avatar
LOOOOL am I really THAT funny? XDD
And thank u ;;
And what blobs?? I haven't seen any blobs lol
Kaylee-Senpai's avatar
Sorry for reading your comment lmao

But oh god that made me laugh xD
gliterooo's avatar
ayy thanks for feedback lol

I'm proud now thanks XDDDD
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