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Running Down To The Riptide


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Running Down To The Riptide


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Snowfall in the Storm (dtiys entry)

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Welcome to the Quest Board! What are quests? Quests are prompts you can undergo and perform in order to obtain various rewards or to level your Aleum up. Quests can be completed by writing or drawing about them with your Aleum. You can only complete each quest once per Aleum unless otherwise stated. Quests may be time limited, be sure to check! Rules to Questing Pick a quest you're interested in View quest requirements Draw or write about the prompt Submit your entry down below using the below Drawn entries should show at least half body and written entries should be at least 500 words. Quests with more than 1 character will reward EXP to all characters depicted. Quest Submission Form Username: Link to Aleum: Quest Completed: Link to Submission: Repeatable Quests These quests can be completed more than once with your Aleum. Each entry should be different per submission. My Little Aleum What does your Aleum do in the world of Monastacia each day. Maybe they are a


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Icicle (redesign)


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[CLOSED] Misty Morning Esk Auction


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Art trade - Eclipse

cute animals

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dragons rawrr

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TWWM WINTER MAP CALL [open for backups only]

Edit: The participants have been chosen and sent invite links to the MAP server! Thank you for applying! The participant list has been updated below! Season's Greetings! After the success of The Voice MAP, @dinstraction , @glitterghostie amd I have decided to host a winter themed MAP! Here is the song we have chosen: Note: we're aware that the song we've picked contains some slight anti-religious messages. we encourage alternate or nuanced interpretation of these lyrics, we don't want to see entries that demonize religion. The Rules: This is not FCFS, we will be picking our participants if we have enough! Normal TWWM rules fully apply. Discord is required to join. - MAX 3 parts per person unless we have few participants! - the theme for this MAP is winter! - use any of your esk, use npcs, the conservatory, any interaction you think fits with your part - you can animate as much or as little as you'd like, but we encourage you to try somthing new For those of you who are new to


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[TWWM] Guest Artist Sale Flaffle CLOSED

esk art

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What Lurks Beneath Redraw Contest! 2022

Hello! To celebrate finishing Chapter 18, I wanted to host WLB's first page redraw contest! I have hosted several of these for The Recruit in the past, and have been excitedly waiting to host one for What Lurks Beneath as well! The time has arrived. What do you do for this contest? You redraw a page of What Lurks Beneath! There will be a few pages exempt from this, so please read the rules below. Entry requirements: -The page you draw must have the same dialogue as the original. -You may change paneling, poses, and other content of the page, I encourage that in fact! -You must draw the page yourself. You may not trace other peoples work. -You may redraw as many pages as you would like! Enter as many times as you'd like up to the deadline! -You must post your page on Deviantart, but you may also upload it to any other site as well! -You must have link to the original page your redrawing in your description! -PAGES YOU MAY NOT DRAW!: -Please do not redraw any pages from the first


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Request: Kanasabi

for me

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Commission Info - OPEN -

i want to get

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