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During my break at work...drew all the ascendents to King Henry VIII's throne. (Mary of Scots technically counts since she threatened to ascend the throne. Or plotted. Or whatever.)

(Clockwise: Elizabeth, Mary of Scots, Mary Tudor, Edward, Jane Grey)

I like Elizabeth and Mary Tudor. I'm tired.

x-posted @ livejournal. forgiiiive me.
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Wow! this is amazing! Your eye for detail! :D
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I like Mary Tudor, Poor Jane Grey.
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I love the intricacy of their costume designs. Beautifully done!
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Edward's the best.
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beautiful, you really captured a feeling of their personality's. :)
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i love this period of history

P.S. Sorry its taken me so long to comment ^^;
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That.s very pretty. I like. :D
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kick ass depiction!
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:jawrop: woow!
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Mary Tudor rocks!!!!! I love her!!

Love this drawing :P
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I don't know much these ladies but they look great here I especially like Elizabeth's (the one with her hair loose right?) expression.
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wow! the lines are so nice! and the details you put into their wardrobe, you didn't over do them where they just looked like a mess. you indicated just enough details to give the feel of the time-period. absolutely fantastic sketching. **two bloody thumbs up**
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these are pretty interesting. huh!
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Wtf. My "breaks" are 2 mins long, and all I get to do during them is scoff a 6inch ham sadwhich down as fast as I possibly can =(.

And these are awesome. Hail you.
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I snarfed Arby's with one hand while drawing Elizabeth with the other. I am teh multi-talented. Though more of my investment went into the burger. It was damn good.
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