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death and the maiden 1

acrylic on canvas - 2004
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© 2004 - 2021 paperskull
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Really dig the picture. Did you use colored pencil? What about the red in the background how was that done? I really like that style. Very traditional.
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it’s acrylic on canvas
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wickedly done, great job! I love it actually!
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EPIC. Cant describe it better. Fucking EPIC.
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Hi, I featured your work in my journal [link]
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So dark and cryptic, I love it...
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Love this shot and the symbolisms... All wild men after they meet the maiden die... However where is the ressurection? ;)
awesome pic though mate... cheers
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he's the maiden she's death - no ressurection, there's no coming back and besides, it's a repetetion af an old motif dating back from 15somethingcentury - thanx again dude
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I understand the motif...however I think that many of these motifs are things that, like mythology, help explain ourselves to ourselves... I guess I take the Joseph Campbell approach... but I think the ressurection motif is something that has been ingrained in our mind and souls from the past and is further exacerbated by a modern society with our highly mobile labour force... but still love the pic... ;)
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really an interesting piece
beautifully done

i really like to know more about this pic.. about the background of it...
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well... ok but it'll be a long one, first of all it's the first in a series of 3 paintings concerning the 'death and the maiden ' motif, where eatch painting takes it's own angle on the whole "how we humans look on death, life and stuff". No. 1 is inspired by the rather bleak point of veiw, of the late 15hundreds in europe, on death. here death is an evil horribly scary thing indeed (what with the devil and a vengeful god and the likes). No 2 is the 1800 more optimistic version were science and philosophy has warped the minds of men way beyond the ignorance and stupidity of a relegiously controlled worldveiw. And finally no. 3 is the modern version where death and man has changed sides of the table so to speak and we no longer fear it but tell ourselves we can control it. thats that in short terms, they are originally my exam assignment at my old artschool and I wrote an exam paper on the subject, so I could go on and on and on and on... there is also some symbolism in the peices, like the lillies (and anchient roman symbol for virginity) and how death treats the lillies (aka the maiden), but anyway thanks for taking an interest - you: :horns:
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Tell me why this makes me think of Knights Templar
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I don't know what to say. I love it soooo much.
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Amazing work...what a wickedly addictive piece! :yum:
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necroFEELia ;)
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Very impressive! Very dramatic and beautiful.
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:wow: I'm breathless
must give :+fav:
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It's interesting, but I really like the pose of the woman/death... thing. It's hot.
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wow... WOW....
both bodies are amazingly well done...
i dont know but it gives me a mexican look...
there is a celebration to death...

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I really like this, its not something i would deliberatly go out and purchase....but its different and rather striking
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This is just amazing! One is envious...
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