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Sleeping Lion

By Paperpony112
A nice drawing of a sleeping lion, he looks very content sleeping doesnt he? It took me about two days to make perfect!
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A great drawing, well done :)
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Did you really draw this? -.- I found this link YOU ART THIEF [link]
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you work may have been stolen: [link] I've reported it.. you may want to look into it and report it as well...
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Awesome website. Wish I had one to share back with you.
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I had randomly found this picture quite a while ago and wondered where it came from.

Is it older than the submission date by the way? I could swear I remember it from late 2009 kinda.
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I just wanted to know some one stole your picture and claimed it as their own :/
I reported them but I just thought I should inform you.
beautiful picture by the way :)
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Bad ass, great detail...
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Another Sweet face! Love it!
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wooooooow awesome ♥
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I hand drew this drawing im only 13 I will post it on monday.
I was scrolling thru google images and saw it, so I decieded to draw it. =)
Mine is not as good but I tried, it took three days.
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Not one person can say no to that face <3
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I'm not allowed to buy things online ewe
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I see now.

Please next time you announce an art thief PLEASE be a little more clear instead of just linking me.
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