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Used to build PaperPokes back when I was in middle school. About 10 years ago. I recently started building them again and it’s brining back old memories of how much I loved building and creating these. I noticed there hasn’t been much activity the past few years. I hope everyone is doing wonderful wherever they are around this big world. Thank you for being apart of my childhood. I’m 26 years old and still a PaperPokes Nerd. 💕
Hope you're all doing well, and also that you might come back some day.

Merry christmas, fellas, and a happy new year.
I looooove cats and I am a big fan of the older games so I was waiting forever for Persian to get done QAQ I alrady did Meowth <3 Pleeease gimme the big cat <3 also my all time fav is Croconaw but honestly I am not the biggest fan of the current version of it on your page so is there a possibility that you will create a second version of it? =)

Thanks for all your work that you are giving out for free for all of us to build at home <3
Chibi Pokemons looks exactly like those in Pokemon Rumble World, maybe you should mention it?
Can I join this group please? :)
Hi, I sent you a message from your website. Someone is selling your models in this argentine website (similar to eBay)…

I feel really, really bad, as I'm from Argentina too. I will try to contact him/her to stop doing this :/