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Eeeeh... I wanna die... just disappear from the face of the earth... please...
My weirdness and loneliness are killing me.
PEEPUHL! Why are you so complicated... I just wanna be like u.. CAN'T!

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Nice lines and clothing
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Don't try to be like other people... you're too much interesing, so it would be shame if you'll become like the others. :hug:

And this picture is... each time whej i look at it i can see something diffrent. First the pose and smoke reminded me of those litle cheeky spirits... then i saw this deadly expression on face... then i saw boobs...

Anywas there is so much to look at :aww:
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But but... I have to live among them... :|
And I love one of them... but at the same time I scare the shit out of him... -_-
It's sad really... really really sad.
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yeah.. but that doesn't mean than you wave to be like everyone.

I wish i could help you, but i don't know how... i don't have any experience in love...
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It will pass... everything passes, time erases even the most precious memories...
Someone else will come along, and the game of love will have an other round. Hopefully more playful one.
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yeah.. but sometimes forgeting things is a bliss.. forgeting pain,bad words, bad things... forgeting our mistakes.
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yeah, this is good. I like this style
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Pretty much awesome.

And when I say "pretty much", it means "fuckin damn" or something like that.
(aww, feeling lonely ? ._.)
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Thanks :)

Yea, alienated... as fuck!
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