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January 8, 2013
The Boy Who Cried Wolf by ~paperlait
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Suggested by Kosari
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The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Just an illustration for class! Had to pick one of two aesop fables, and of course I go with the one about a boy and a wolf.. ahahahaa ;;;;

I have a lot to update from school but I'm not that happy with any of it! Hopefully I'll be productive this summer but it seems even on vacation I don't have enough time XD;; regardless, life is good because miyavi is coming to dc. marvelous. ♥
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GabiWieczorek's avatar
ARTabstraction's avatar
Oooooh I love this!! The illustration speaks perfectly! It's crystal clear what you're talking about!
NomadsTheme's avatar
Beautiful art! A very well drawn out concept.
MtoAtoM's avatar
This is soooo cool!
visualspice's avatar
oh wow that's so cool! I love it!
TheAwesomeHotDog's avatar
Goodness he has bad breath D:
allthingswillbe's avatar
Just perfect. I hope you illustrate more of Aesop's fables or ancient mythology, etc. You have a real talent for summarizing the stories into images!
jorioux's avatar
Amazing! What an ominous feel to it!
vintagemeadows's avatar
A lovely picture! The colour palette was amazingly used.
RufusReginald's avatar
Holy - look at that thing loom. I love how the light begins to drop off, isolating the foolish boy.
geankallel's avatar
Very nicely done!
Contraltissimo's avatar
Aoh this is just wonderful. :D Beautiful work. :clap:
Foxfire96's avatar
Very nice rendition of a classic tale.
CatNightroad's avatar
I'm in love with this picture. :heart:
ninjaelric's avatar
This is so creative and unique.
Excellent work!
HYSM90s's avatar
easily one of the most creative and coolest things I've ever seen :)
jayb1rd's avatar
egao-wasurenai-yo's avatar
What a fantastic job! Very beautiful :)
Gryfon129's avatar
Jeez what class is this!! It's so cool!
hypocr1sy's avatar
great work, keep it up =]
Dragon-lu-ver's avatar
Incredible. I love the representation of the wolf, and the oblivious faces of the sheep. <3
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