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Hi everyone! Long time no see!

Just wanted to pop in to let you know where I've disappeared to. In case you were wondering, I'm still here! Mostly kind of lurking lately, but I still come here fairly often to see what's going on. I just haven't been hanging at the computer much this past year.

Last January me and my mom combined our strengths and cleaned up my apartment, which was great (as my den was kiiiiind of a dumpster), but it had the surprising abd unforeseen side effect that it kind of changed my entire life rhythm from spending most of my free time every day at the computer, to only turning the machine on maybe once or twice a month to pay bills. Like, it was a strange change of life for me, I've spent so many years practically glued to the display screen and suddenly I just... Didn't.

Also my computer kind of fried itself last month, and I won't be getting it back untill after the holidays, so I'm currently kind of stuck on mobile.

Also I got a full time day job last August, that will last untill the end of March at least, so that's also a thing! I like having enough money to pay the bills, even if it's cut my free time tragically short.

I still hang online a lot, but I just mostly do it via phone now. And there's one big downside to that: I can't scan stuff with my phone. As DevArt has always been a place to put better quality art for me (or at least better quality scans of my doodles), I haven't really had chances to update my gallery much. I expect there might be a bit of a flood of new art once I get my computer back, but in the meantime, if you like seeing my art, and don't mind them being phone photos, you can see the newer stuff over at my Twitter ( or Tumblr (*.

Twitter is mostly just art, with very little else, while Tumblr is where my brain leaks all the stuff it comes up with.

Anyway, thanks for hanging around! And sorry for the silence, I really don't know what happened.

- E. "Papermonkey" Jokinen

* I know tumblr is kind of in the process of shooting itself on the foot, big time, but Pillowfort isn't open yet, I have been on tumblr since 2012 and I have no place else to dump all my random thoughts into.
27th July 2007, the first page of Wurr was uploaded online.

Wurr page 1 by Paperiapina

I have multiple feelings about this, and I don't know what to do with all of them. There's some confusing and conflicting for sure. There's good ones (wow, I've actually been able to commit to a story for this long!) and some less than good ones (I have about half as many pages as the time suggests).

I kind of wanted to do something big to celebrate the occasion, but, uh, I kinda forgot (I swear it was just June a moment ago, where did it go?). But, you know. Ten years.

It's weird to think this was originally just a moment's inspiration. All other stories I'd had never had gotten anywhere despite having years of planning behind them. Wurr just came as an idea of "hey, what if" and then like a week later I had a comic. 

Originally it was supposed to be just the first three pages, and nothing more, but it soon grew up when I started bouncing ideas on how I could use this world. Which is kind of funny in itself, originally the three pages were supposed to be a high fantasy thing, with orcs and elves (I had -and still have- lots of feelings about high fantasy and the pretty racist premise of it when you stop to think about it for too long. I mean I absolutely love fantasy, but the black and white good vs evil set up feels cheap and I DIGRESS), and I only turned it into a canine story because at the time I couldn't draw humany faces worth a damn. And then the story just took off.

A lot has changed since then, though. The characters were pretty much stereotype templates at the beginning (The Hero TM (Iacar), the Funny One (Morri) the Timid One (Hafmar) the Nerdy One (Iralbe), the Female TM... Did you know that Surama was supposed to be an elegant and mysterious woman? Pfffft, yeah. That lasted exactly untill the first time she opened her mouth). No wonder I had trouble writing them in the beginning, when they weren't actually interesting to me. (Also forever regret not making Morri female.)

I didn't really have a story when I started, beyond "I want these characters to get out of the Crater" (which was supposed to happen within the first ten pages. Hah!). The whole Niftynose episode was an ass pull to keep the story going, and I have regrets about it, but what can you do. In the early days Wurr was supposed to be a straight up fantasy story with actual magic and stuff. There were WIZARDS! And the dogs were lead by a corrupt military, and they bred giant monster birds that they harvested wings from, which they then connected to their elite soldiers to have an air force, except that Black Touch was the source of magic, which could twist its users to hellhounds too, but the dogs' government was lying to its own citizens about the hellhounds and...

And at some point I realized that in order to run from the "good vs evil" premise I had actually just bent over backwards to have the exact same premise myself, but with the good and evil halves swapped. So yeah, I rewrote the whole thing. (Also that's why Niftynose shoots lightning from his nose. It's not biologically possible, but he was written into the story back when Actual Magic was still a thing in the setting, and it's too late to change it now.)

This is kind of also the reason why in the first couple of years I only updated like one page every three months. There was no script, no proper story let alone an ending to write towards, so I was stuck all the time. I can actually point to a page where I drew couple of filler panels, because it was taking me a month to get a single panel drawn as I didn't know where I was going.

In the end I left my own interests guide the worldbuilding (prehistory/early history and cultures are fascinating!).

After having drawn the comic for two years I went to Liminka School of Arts for a year long comic making course, and suddenly I found inspiration (and peer pressure) to get working on the comic for real. Around this point I also finally figured out the plot of the comic with the help of my Brainstorm Buddy, and for the first time I had an ending to aim at.

Also thanks for my Liminka buddies for pressuring me to print the first book of Wurr. I never would have done it without them.

A lot has changed since the early days. Mostly my methods of writing (I actually plan my pages before drawing now) and of course the story itself. There's no more magic, but I find myself more invested in the world without it. The characters have grown their third dimensions, so to speak, and I'm just plain having more fun. 

I still occasionally struggle with the writing (I cannot concentrate unless I get out of the house, which wasn't a problem back when I was still studying. Surviving through three different art school meant countless lectures that were absolutely the best thing to get work done on a comic. I'm still kind of adjusting to not having an access to that now that I've graduated.) but at least I have actual goals now.

So here's to ten years! *raises a cup of tea*

Let's hope it doesn't take me another decade to finish it.

(Also huge thank yous to everyone who keeps reading the comic! There's no way I could have stuck with it this long without knowing you were there.)
I'm officially back from visiting my family for the midsummer. Sorry my absence was extended some, my dad got sick so I stuck around to help around now that my mom has a job and wasn't able to help. Birthday was had, haven't really adjusted to the new number yet, lots of relaxing and being at peace with everything (my folks' place is RIDICULOUSLY IDYLLIC).

I also got my new project (called The Herd. Or alternatively: "the dinosaur calendar project thingy") brainstormed into a pretty nice state while I was there, and I'm pretty excited to be able to get to work on it properly soon! It'll be a series of calendars that will be collected into an art book later on. Lots of art with a loose slice-of-life style "story/plot/idk?" to tie it together. Kinda sorta "this is how these characters live" and "stuff that happens to them".

So I hope you like dinosaurs because I'm going to spam you with some!

I'm sorry to say that I probably won't manage to get the next page of Wurr out this week. I'm leaving tomorrow to visit my family for a while, probably a week or two, for the midsummer (and also to be present at my own birthday), and I'm afraid the next page is going to take more work than what I have hours available (I'm blaming the unemployment office for that one, because I'm forced to go on a job applying training class tomorrow instead of having any time to actually work). 

I will likely be posting WIP photos of the page on my tumblr and twitter (I have a twitter now, btw! It's brand new), but my parents don't have proper computers or editing programs to get the pages online in any kind of acceptable quality. I'm so sorry, and I hope I can make it up with a multiple page update once I get back.

There's been a lot going on in my life lately. I don't want to get my hopes up just in case things end up going south, but if everything works well, I might be able to make my art my actual job sometime in the not-even-horribly-distant future! Because of this I've been busy making some preparations, and if everything goes smoothly, it would mean that the English edition of the first book of Wurr would have it's first print before the end of the year. I'm also working on getting the dinosaur calendar project thingy's first calendar out before the year changes. 

I'm pretty confused by everything happening, and also slightly horrified, but also a little excited.

But right now I'm mostly sorry and a little guilty that I'm going to miss another page update. 
Seems like I've been tagged. By :iconfrostedcanid:

1. What got you started drawing comics?
As long as I remember, I've always wanted to make my own stories and comics. My parents had tons of Disney comics and some European stuff (Asterix was a childhood favourite of mine), and it's actually not an exaggeration to say that I exist because of comics. No, really, my dad started dating my mom because she had a subscription to Aku Ankka, the Finnish Donald Duck comic, I would not exist without them. So it's not really a wonder that it was quite a central part of me growing up.

(Also I feel like I need to give a nod to the school year 2009-2010, which I spent in Liminka School of Arts in the comic line. Which, like, imagine having a house full of like minded comic liking young people, put them in the same place for almost a year 24/7 and see what happens. Possibly the best thing to ever happen to me. You can thank my classmates for bugging me into making Wurr an actual serious comic project.)

I've had dozens of "awesome comic projects of epic proportions" since I was small, though untill starting Wurr I don't think I ever got further than page three... Then Wurr happened and now I'm quarter thousand pages into this one brain fart that decided to consume my life.

2. What is your favorite comic that you've read?
Oh, geee.... I think my top most favourite is Fullmetal Alchemist, though I love some Disney stuff (I've collected all of Don Rosa's books about the ducks, and Carl Barks' stuff is also fun. There were others but I haven't been reading in few years and have kind of forgotten many names), some old Asterixes are fun, Black Jack by Osamu Tezuka (at least as much as I've managed to collect. I missed the hard covers on the first and third books, and not all of the stories have been collected into the books). Jeff Smith's Bone is an old fave, Blacksad is visually really close to the top, Habibi by Graig Thompson is pretty, I have a soft spot for One Piece. What else, what else... Detective Conan (Case Closed for the Americans) was also one I loved, but I haven't read it since the Finnish edition was cancelled years ago. I feel like I'm forgetting something important but I'm blanking right now.

But Fullmetal Alchemist is still probably the fave.

3. Has there been a scene so far that has been particularly hard to capture in your current and/or past comics?
Yes, most scenes. Exposition heavy dialogue is a really tough one for me, although action scenes never quite come out looking quite how I imagine them, but I guess that's what you get when there's a hand between your brain and paper. Also flashbacks. The guard station dungeon probably takes the cake, though. It was hard to make the place seem both consistent while still being a small, confined area.

4. How long did wait before starting your current comic and/or comics in the past? (i.e. the writing/story development process)
Ha, I think I waited for a grand total of maybe a week or something with Wurr. Which is kind of ironic since I've had several story projects with multiple years of planning that never became anything, and then there's this one brain fart that decides to stick with me with next to no planning beforehand. 

5. If you could have done anything differently when you were starting out, what would it be?
HAVE A SCRIPT FROM THE START ohgosh, I'd probably have at least hundred more pages by now if I had known where I was going from the beginning. Also Morri would be female. There would be waaaaay more ladies overall. The characters were pretty much default stereotype personalities when I first created them, and one thing it shows in is that "female" was a personality, and was designated to Surama, so "there wasn't room for more females". This is utter and absolute garbage, but back when I started out I really did go with the tropiest of character creations instead of making rounded people. (And, like, how did I manage to have more named intersex characters than female ones? I just... How?)

6. Who is your favorite character to write?
Ooo, tough one. From current characters maybe Surama or Niavel, or Bakbak. There are some future characters that I'm pretty excited about, though.

7. Who is your least favorite character to write?
I don't know, actually. Iacar maybe? His indecisiveness is kind of hard to make interesting sometimes. The best/easiest characters to write are the reactive ones.

8. How drastically did the story change since you started?
There's been SO MUCH rewriting and covering my own ass behind the scenes since starting the story (Re: planning beforehand, or the lack of it)

Did you know that originally there was supposed to be magic and wizard dogs? Black Touch was Actually Magic, and could form crystals that were used on casting actual spells. And dogs were breeding these giant birds and harvesting their wings that they then attached to their soldiers to have an elite aerial army? And dogs were actually evil. Like corrupted bad guys-evil. Ironic since the main thing I wanted with this comic was critiqueing the "pure good vs. pure evil"-trope in high fantasy literature, and at one point I realized that shit, I had made the exact thing I wanted to stay away from, but I had just turned it so that the ugly ones were good and pretty ones were evil and boy did I rewrite that fast once I figured it out.

Also character-wise for example Surama was supposed to be this silent and mysteeeeerious woman. Yeah, that lasted exactly untill the first time she ever opened her mouth...

Yeah, things have changed, a lot, but you'll never know how much since I was slow enough in the early days that I mostly got my shit together before I got to the point of drawing the things that would have been obvious. 

9. What are the major influences/inspiration for your comic and/or previous comics?
Fantasy literature, big time. Also people in general, nature (most mutations in hounds for example have their inspiration in real life, even if they are exaggerated in many cases). I watch way too many medical- and science documentaries. Oh, and ElfQuest! It was one of the first comics I ever read in English (only part of it was translated to Finnish when I first found it), and it definitely left its mark in my writing.

Everything can be inspiring, though.

10. What does your process look like?
I have the general plot thought out on an A4 paper (the location of which I'm actually not aware of at the moment...). Whenever I start a new book/episode/chapter/part, I script it out on my sketchbook. (This bit is a messy one, it's a collection of plot points arranged on a line, written out with just few words and often in chatspeak, connected to each other via arrows that oftentimes get rearranged and redrawn untill half the paper is nothing more than messy arrows).

Then when I get to the actual pages I thumbnail them out in my sketchbook (again messy lines, abbreviated text and chat speak everywhere, but at least they're arranged into page-shaped squares with panel outlines arranged on it).

Once I'm happy with it, I take the actual paper (A4), sketch the page out following the thumbnail, then ink it (in order speech bubbles > panel borders > characters from closest to "camera" to characters furthest away). Then I erase the sketchlines and shade the whole thing with a pencil, after which I go through it with an eraser because I smudge everything.

Then I just scan it, clean it up a little if needed, empty out my hand written texts and replace them with a font (while translating as I go, as the hand written texts are always written in Finnish so I can have speech bubbles that actually fit everything (Finnish words usually take up more space than English ones). Then it's just off to upload to DA.

(And then poking F5-button every minute or so untill I have to go somewhere else.)

Tadah! 8D

(I'm supposed to tag something? Uhhh, hey, FablePaint, you do comics!)
You've probably noticed that I haven't drawn much of Draco Stryx/Murderburd and the troll moms art lately, and I thought I'd talk about it a little.

I have probably more than a dozen different headworlds that can be sorted to roughly two cathegories.

There's my own headworlds all of which aim to one day maybe be part of how I'll make my living in future. 
- Wurr (in production, comic), my dinosaur headworld (art book, currently in pre production), Simon's zoo (art book, pre production), and several others in various stages of being brainstormed here and there. All of them have the goal of becoming books and/or comics one day.

Then there's pure stress relief/fun, no strings attached, no responsibilities stuff. Things I cannot ever make money out of, and which thus are just casual fun.
- Pokémon and ARPG-stuff like the draco stryx and kukuri.

Except that Murderburd is kind of in a conflict there now.

The reason why I made the handlers be trolls was another old headworld. I've always loved trolls, and for a looooong time I've had this half-baked idea for a story for them, but for the life of me I never managed to get it work properly. So when I got into joining stryx I decided to pick the central characters from the headworld I thought was a failed effort to give them a chance to get out of my head. At least I got an excuse to draw the trolls that would have been doomed to never be drawn otherwise because the world didn't work, right? And BOY, drawing the stryx stuff is SO MUCH FUN! You might have noticed by how I kind of spammed their art at times last year...

But then a tragedy happened, figuratively. One day I actually figured out how to make the original troll setting to work. The whole murderburding worked so well that hey, why not use the same feeling for the troll story? Like Murderburd setting, but with more characters and a little story in it too? 

But there's the problem: the birds, Murderburd and Winny are not 100% mine. Draco stryx isn't MY species. It belongs to the ARPG, and as it's not my intellectual property, I cannot use it for my own troll story. 

So I got stuck with the thing. Hulga and Tekla are the reason why the original troll setting exists (the reason why Tekla has a golden eye was the scene that kept me hanging onto the original story despite my attempts to let go of the setting. I mean besides trolls just being a blast to draw). I can't just separate them into two settings when they are sharing key characters but not the world. 

So I don't know. Right now it's not quite on the list of top 3 active headworlds of mine (current priorities are Wurr and the dinosaur thingy, with a side of Simon's zoo), and I still might draw Murderburdy things (because it's just so much fun), but it probably won't be as active as last year, and I might gradually shift into drawing just the trolls with their friends/extended families. (Imagine all the shenanigans, but with a larger cast!) 

I do want the troll setting to have some dumb animals, though. The burd-trollmum dynamics are just way too much fun not to have. No idea what said animals could be, but they must be a thing.

Eh, we'll see.

(Totally unrelated, but there's exactly two months to the tenth birthday of Wurr. I might be having a slight artistic existential crisis about now.)

Just felt like popping in for a little note about life stuff (since I realize that not all of you probably follow me over on tumblr).

First of all sorry for the sporadic updates on Wurr lately. There was a period of crushing self doubt (the usual. Thanks for my brainstorm buddy for digging me out of it), some life happened, I've been hopping around Finland visiting people, got forced on a job applying course by the unemployment office, adult stuff like taxes (*shudders*). It's been all around a little exhausting, and the comic update schedule has taken a blow from it all. I'm also going to leave for a week again at Wednesday, so I'll be out of reach from scanners for a while. 

Sorry for the inconvenience, I hope to get properly back on track soon. I could really use a breather at least!

Also I've noticed the number of unread notes in my message center has reached 150. I'm, uh, kind of avoiding it these days, it's kind of become a spam dumpster (please, don't use my notes as your personal chat! It's clogged up). So if you've sent me something important and I haven't answered (sorry!), please, let me know here or something, or send me an email (the address is in my profile). I probably haven't noticed.

(Also the really weird realization that in less than three months Wurr will be ten years old. The first page was uploaded online 27th July 2007. I don't know how to feel about it.)

Anyway. Thanks for hanging around! :)

I kind of want another kukuri.

While I love my one existing fluffmuppet to bits, it's kind of hard to draw interaction when there's just one. Interaction is way more fun to draw than just posing alone. So I'm looking for one new fluffy friend for my Sorja.

Must haves:
  • Female
  • Pearl or hazel base (amber is acceptable if it's hazed. I want them to be visually different. Crimson is also acceptable, if it's velvet or candied. As a primarily traditional artist I'm just cheating my way out of having to color everything too dark)
  • Not related to Sorja (for reasons) nor inbred.
  • Ears and horns MUST be different from Sorja's: no droop or devil (again, for visual difference)
  • Markings. Don't care what markings or how many (I can work with whatever gets thrown at me), as long as there's markings. At least one.
  • Ohgoshplease not nocturnal. Diurnal would be best, crepuscular is acceptable. Just please give me excuses to draw gathering that doesn't have to be at night.

Extra bonus not-that-I-really-need-any-of-these-but-wouldn't-mind-having:
  • Tusks 
  • Short tail 
  • Dominant underbelly
  • One of the parents/grandparents/someone in the family tree be a starter (yay for travelling entries with family members!)
I can pay with art, here's some examples of kukus I've drawn in the past:
Hieta by Paperiapina Jack Rose by Paperiapina Dance! by Paperiapina Bright by Paperiapina

This post has been approved by Sorja.
Thumbs up by Paperiapina

Oh, and totally unrelated, but anyone interested in Mutation Potion for DracoStryx Mutation Potion by AlphaStryx
I got one, but since I don't breed, I don't have use for it. Anyone wanna buy/trade it?
My brainstorm buddy Hukkanaama is having a birthday in a couple of days, and she wants to get herself her own kuku! So I'm going to get her one in the honor of her anniversary of existence.

She'd like one with fuzz tail and either floppy or folded ears (having some sort of ruffle would be great too, if possible!) plus maybe some markings.

If you have anything to offer that sounds something like that, please drop a comment here, so she can see what she'd like to sell my pen to slavery over get!

I can offer my art skills for payment. Here's some examples of the stuff I can draw in exchange (I prefer drawing kukuris or pokemon, but we can negotiate):
Dance! by Paperiapina Jack Rose by Paperiapina A birdmonster with the fluffiest of feetsies by Paperiapina Another silly birdmonster by Paperiapina Team Sun by Paperiapina
Or, you know, my gallery.

Thanks so very muchly!
Sorry, this journal is in Finnish, as it's about a self defense day at Lahti, Finland.

Hei, Lahden seudulla elelevät suomieliöt!

Lauantaina tän kuun 26. päivä miun karateseura, Lahden Seibukan, järjestää yhden päivän kestävän soveltavan itsepuolustuskurssin klo 11.30 alkaen. Kurssi on avoin kaikille, ja sen hinta seuran ulkopuolisille on 30€. 

Kurssin aikataulu:

  • 11:30-13:00 teoriaa itsepuolustustilanteista ja lainsäännöstä
  • 13:00-13:30 kevyt omatoiminen välipala
  • 13:30-16:30 harjoittelua
  • 16:30-          sauna 

Ihan painavaa asiaa, ja käytännön treeniäkin asiantuntevalla ohjauksella.

Dojo sijaitsee osoitteessa Väinmöisentie 2A, pihan oikeassa laidassa on verkkoportti josta sisään, C ovi (oven yläpuolella lappu, jossa karate- ja aikidoseurojen logot) ja raput ylös.

Kurssin tuotto menee uuden dojon sisustukseen, eli hyvään tarkoitukseen. 

Tervetuloa mukaan!

Seuran sivut.

This is a bit of an experiment, I usually don't take commissions since I generally suck at keeping to a reasonable schedule. But I could really use some stuffing to my Paypal (I commissioned a desktop background image for my recently refurbished computer that I would like to pay to be colored too, plus I'd like to purchase a nice looking tumblr theme to use for an online portfolio since I could really use one. And stuff).

I am going to take ONE commission to be finished this weekend. And it's going to be a styx one to nicely limit the subjects to something I'm confident I can draw within the given time limit (and because ascension points).

Will be drawn by hand but coloured digitally, in similar manner as these:
Flecks by Paperiapina Another silly birdmonster by Paperiapina A birdmonster with the fluffiest of feetsies by Paperiapina

Price will be 50€, or the equivalent in USD, and will be a portrait that consist of either two stryxes or a styx and rider combo interacting. (And I mean portrait as a single image, not an AP sheet as the examples, those are just to show off the technique.)

Won't be first come first serve (since I'm at work and won't be able to stalk this journal once I shove it to the public to see). So instead I'll leave this open and check back once I get home from work in a few hours/tomorrow morning (depending on people's interest/ time zones) and will pick which one I like the best, if there's more than one comment. (I likely won't pick birds with the galyx gene, because gosh! All that shine looks a bit hard to do for something I intend to finish in a single weekend.)

So, to try your luck, comment here with link(s) to your chosen bird(s) import sheet and/or rider reference, depending on which you choose. Also helpful if you had some idea of how you'd like the characters to interact, or at least give me a short description of personalities involved so I can make something up.

Have the money ready to be sent when you comment but don't pay until I've told you to!

Anyone interested?

If this goes well, I might try this again in the future, so fingers crossed and let's see how it works!
Hi peeps!

The year is coming to a close fast and the next Finnish convention creeps behind the corner of the new year. I was originally planning on printing the next book of Wurr (Finnish edition, English one still has no ETA at the moment. Hopefully within the next year) in time for the convention, but I ran into a couple of blocks on the way. I'm getting a bit behind with the page count (just a bit over one scene to gooooo, though that is kind of a big scene) but missing the deadline isn't even the biggest block; I kind of don't have enough money for the print right now.

I'm still optimistic, though! With Desucon Frostbite coming up next month, I intend to put all my artist alley earnings towards the comic print, and for that, I thought I could use some help.

I want to make a special Wurr print for the convention! I just... don't have good ideas for the design.

So here's the idea. If you have a good idea for a print design (I might make it available in several sizes, like A3 poster, A4 print and a post card), sketch it out. Just a rough sketch, stick figures are totally fine as long as I know which character is which (name tags written over plain head circles is totally fine by me). I prefer the sketches rough, as I feel bad for asking for art when I can't pay for it, and I'm going to draw the finished print myself anyway. As long as I can get the general idea, the look or quality of the sketch doesn't matter. Multiple characters are totally okay, I'm going to draw it on a canvas twice the size I usually draw the pages, so I'll have plenty of room to play around. Go wild! Have fun!

The maker of the winning design will get a copy of the finished print sent to them when it's done (if I print it in different sizes, you'll get a copy of all of them).

To take part, comment here with a link to your design (don't send notes, if possible. My notes are a horrible mess, and I can't find anything in there) aaaaand maybe mention which is your favourite Wurr character if you feel like it. For no reason.

Let's say the deadline is 18th this month (with a little leeway, as time zones are mean and all) so I can have some time to finish it too, with all the holidaying and stuff going on.

Happy doodling, and thanks for all the help!
I was recommended to write this up as a journal for better visibility, so here goes!

As the title says, I'm looking for a stryx geno to add to my dorky family of Murderburd and its two troll mums. Because obviously one giant birdmonster isn't enough in that tiny house, I want Tekla to have one too. 
Wanted-add1 by Paperiapina
I want it to be visually distinctive from Murderburd, to keep things interesting, so here's specifics of what I'm looking for (bolded bits are what's important, rest is mostly rambling and wishful dreams):

Wanted-add2 by Paperiapina
- Horned tyto (the fluffiest feetsies!) OR common corva (I have ideas for the can-learn-to-parrot-words -thing that I can't have otherwise, as I don't plan to get any more stryxes after this one). 
- Geno, not uploaded (I love designing my own critters. The import template is too much fun to play with.)*
- Snow base, unless markings such as piebald or snowcap are involved, then by all means any base goes. Also if double (or "dominant", as the group's lingo goes) silver is present, then sand would be really nice, specially with unders or pangare.  I'm still primarily traditional artist, so I'm basically just trying to cheat my way out of having to color the entire thing too dark.
- More than one marking (hood and stains would be great, but I won't complain if I don't win the lottery). No galyx marking (a bit too fancy for me, and you can sell it for better profit elsewhere anyway), crescent or half moon, and if I can be picky, maybe not frost either, but I can deal with it (beggars can't be choosers). I can deal with almost anything, though.
(- Chiroptera mutation would be awesome, but let's be realistic here, I bet you can sell those for better profit any day.)
- Any gender or biorhythm goes.

I'm too poor to offer money, but I can do art for payment. Feel free to browse my gallery for examples. As an opening offer (this can be negotiated) I could promise an AP sheet, of several fully colored and shaded full body drawings of a stryx (or stryxes) of your choosing. Let's say base of two full body drawings, and one extra for each marking the geno has. I can throw in your trainer in too for some interaction (and extra AP).

I'm in no hurry, as I plan on Murderburd growing up before introducing the new family member, but it would be nice to have the geno ready at hand when the time comes.

* I'm a bit too shy to ask around for people's breeding slots, and I don't fancy owing stuff to too many people at once, so it would be greatly much appreciated if you have a geno for offer.

(Also as a side note: If I end up with a corva, someone please commission me to draw a horned tyto, those feet are too adorable!)

Coming to Desucon this Sunday! Located in Lahti, Finland, behind the table right over here:

Wurr books, cards, embroidered patches, stickers! Will also bring my folder of Pokémon prints that will be priced as “pay-what-you-will-oh-please-take-them-off-me” because they’re old and I want to get rid of them.

I will also hang around the con during Saturday too, just not behind an artist alley table. I will probably park myself in random places around the main hall drawing the next page of Wurr. You are welcome to come and say hi if you spot me (don't be afraid of disturbing me while I draw; if I wanted to draw undisturbed, I wouldn't be drawing in the middle of a convention). I'll most probably be wearing white T-shirt, brown cap and a ponytail. I also have a blue shoespoon hanging from a lanyard somewhere around my waist, and carry around a backbag that is almost obnoxiously pink.

Se on hei Desu taas!

Lahtelaisena eliönä aion vakaasti olla tapahtumassa läsnä koko viikonlopun (perjantaina vähän kyseenalaisemmin). Sunnuntaina löydyn parhaiten taidekujalta, ihan ulko-ovien puoleisesta päädystä. Mukanani raahaan Wurr-kirjoja, kortteja, brodeerattuja Wurr-merkkejä, tarroja ja joitain printtejä, mukaan lukien kansiollisen pokémon printtejä, joiden hinta on ihan just niin paljon kuin ostaja haluaa niistä maksaa (viekää pois, pyydän).

Notkun nurkissa myös lauantain ja miut bongaakin todennäköisimmin parkkeerattuna randomeissa paikoissa ympäri pääsalia piirtämässä seuraavaa wurrisivua, ellen ole juuri sillä hetkellä raidaamassa joko myyntipöytäsalia tai taidekujaa. Tule ihmeessä tervehtimään, jos bongaat! (Minua ei siis haittaa tulla häirityksi piirtäessäni; jos seurassa piirtäminen haittaisi, en piirtäisi keskellä conia.) Miulla on todennäköisesti valkoinen T-paita, ruskea lippalakki ja ponkkari, kaulassani roikkuu noin vyötärön korkeudella sininen kenkälusikka ja reppuni omistaa jotakuinkin räikeän pinkin värityksen.

I just wanted to make a quick update about this before going to bed.

In case you have sent me a note and I haven't answered you, I am sorry, I'm not ignoring you. I just have no idea where to start anymore. My note count has kind of gotten out of my hand:
Notet by Paperiapina

I just realized I had missed a note from a commissioner (who had already paid!) from couple WEEKS ago! Which is, needless to say, not okay by any means.

If you want me to see something, leaving a comment for me about it might be the best way to go. I do read all the comments I get and appreciate every single one of them, even if I can't answer them all, but with how my notes are at this point, I'm kind of overwhelmed. To be fair, they have been piling up for a long time (back during my practical training and thesis I didn't have much free time for things other than sleeping or eating), but I think they might have finally reached a point where I'm not sure if I can handle them anymore. I sincerely apologise for not answering them all, but I don't know where to start anymore.

Notes are okay for business such as commission stuff, I'll check them more often from now on (I mean, paid commission, GEESH!), but they're not the best way to reach me for other stuff anymore.

Thanks for all of you for being awesome, and I'm sorry for not answering you all.

I'm off to bed now. See ya!
'Eyy, peeps! It's been a while!

This past year+ has been pretty hectic in my part of the world, I bet you've noticed the slowing down of my pace when it comes to comic updates. (I remember the times of uploading a page every single week fondly...)

A bit over a year ago my schedule got shot to the orbit by having practical training in the capital, which sucked up pretty much all my time (although I'm super glad I got the training job, my first time in an actual, professional animation studio! One that had more than two people in it at least. Great times, great times), and after surviving that part, I started working on my thesis to graduate from school, and that lasted pretty much an entire year. Those who follow me on tumblr are probably familiar with the despair of my "Papermonkey attempts to graduate"-tag... 

Aaanyway. The thesis got stretched like half a year longer than it was supposed to, but I managed to pass the final presentation of it few days ago (while having a flu too!), and am now officially on my way to graduation! The official graduation day will be next friday, and that's it for my four and half years in Lahti University of Applied Sciences Institute of Design. (My new title will be "medianomi", which I have no clue on how to translate in English.) Whoot!

First time in twenty years I won't be a student anymore. Scary! But this means that I'm entering the glorious world of joblessness, so while I'll start wondering how on earth does one do this "adult" thing, I'm also probably going to have a lot more time in my hands, which means I can finally get back to the good old pencil wagging! I'm planning to also start streaming comic page drawing again. My brainstorm buddy is moving out of town too, so majority of my comic drawing has to be transported from her sofa into *gasp* me actually motivating myself! And speaking from experience, streaming seems like the best option to get me on my lazy butt. Having people judging me looking at me working is a pretty good motivator. So there's more comic looming in the future! (I actually splurged and thumbnailed like seven pages right after surviving the thesis presentation; I guess I had to let the adrenaline out somewhere.)

I'm probably going to flee for the holidays as soon as the graduation happens, so I might not be online much for the rest of the month, but expect comicing to resume upon new year!

Happy holidays everyone!

Hey, peeps! Feel like helping me with a little research for my thesis?

Tell me a few things about what you think of dinosaurs, and try not to let my way of drawing them influence your view (pretend you’ve never seen me draw dinosaurs, mkay?) I’m trying to look into how dinosaurs are portrayed in media, and how that affects how people think about them, and figured that personalised answers would be a lot better than “somebody in the internet once said” (“person A of the people questioned for the study” sounds better than “my brother’s friend’s aunt’s dogsitter’s cousin twice removed once heard this rumour”, you know). I don’t need your name or who you are, I just need to be able to point that these answers came from real people. Bonus points if you can get someone to answer this who doesn’t know me at all (and thus can’t be influenced by my view of dinosaurs).

Thanks in advance! I really appreciate all answers I can get (within the next week or so).

  1. What do you think of dinosaurs?
  2. What do you think dinosaurs are? What makes a dinosaur and what are they like?
  3. What is your favourite dinosaur, and why?
  4. Favourite dinosaur media (movie, TV show, videogame, etc)?
  5. What do you think of the way dinosaurs are portrayed in media in general?
Hi, peeps!

Long time no see. After finishing my thesis animation, I've been spending quite a lot of my summer vacation lazying around at my family's place, where my only means to get online are my tablet (mobile dA sucks, and doesn't let me answer notes, so I don't read them either) or my mom's mini laptop which isn't compatible with my brain and patience.  I apologize for the radio silence. The best place to follow me is my tumblr at

Also, I'm just about to leave in a couple of hours to the traditional annual road trip with bunch of my old Liminka school of arts comic department buddies. I'll be gone for a week, as we travel around on a caravan, and are most likely completely internetless during this whole time. So I'll be even more silent for the next week. I'll be back around Thursday next week.

Also also!

I'll be sharing a table with my brainstorm buddy, Hukkanaama at the artist alley of this year's Tracon in Tampere next month. The fourth book of Wurr will not be there (it still needs nearly half hundred pages before there's enough material to print), and the first book is pretty much out of print at this point, but if you still wanted to get the second or third book, they'll be there*. With also maybe some dinosaur cards, hand made magnets and stuff. You're welcome to come and say hi! 8D

See ya, peeps! Have a fun end of the summer (or winter, if you're on the southern hemisphere)! I'm off to pack my road trip bags.

*As of now, the Wurr books are printed only in Finnish. English editions are planned, but there's no estimated schedule at the moment.
Oh, right, I should probably drop a note here, that I'll be in Desucon in Lahti, Finland this weekend. I've got Wurr, some sleepy dinosaur cards, old pokemon prints of mine and maybe hopefully some magnets in there to sell during Sunday. Feel free to come say hi! 8D

Also here's a link to my general convention policies because it's relevant:…
(My sketchbook(s) is okay to look and/or draw into!)

Also, regarding that problem with me trying to submit my dinosaur animation yesterday. I was told it's a known bug in DA, and has been since May 27th. Could somebody come tell me when it gets fixed, so I can put my dinosaur here? Thanks!

So, today marks the start of Desucon Frostbite, in Lahti, Finland (my current hometown), and I’ve been meaning to write something like this for a dang long time, so I thought I’d throw this together to procrastinate

If you see me drawing
In case you spot me sitting somewhere, drawing something (most probably Wurr), you’re welcome to come and chat with me. I’m not bothered with company; if I wanted to draw undisturbed, I wouldn’t draw in a convention.

My sketchbook(s)
I usually carry two sketchbooks with me, in addition to my comic papers (the current one I’m fillng, and the previous one I filled before that). You are free to browse through them if you wish! :) Just ask. Some pages might be spoilerrific which I will tape shut, so if you see two pages stuck together from the edges, please don’t open them. (There are future Wurr concepts in there, no looking.)

Also, you’re free to doodle something, like your own hello, into the sketchbook that’s currently being filled if you wish. (I have pens/pencils to borrow. ;)) Trading hellos into peoples’ sketchbook is an ancient Liminka school of arts tradition.

Want me to draw for you?
This is kind of a variable one, but as a general rule, if you want me to draw my paper persona (you know, the papermonkey) or a tiny raptor/troodon, just stick a piece of paper in front of me and ask. They won’t take much time.

If you want me to draw anything else, I want to get paid. I can sketch my own characters for about 5€. Drawing something else requires time, references and concentration, so I’d rather not do too much of those (I want the con to be fun for myself too), but in slow or silent moments when there’s less people around and you stay to chat with me, I might doodle something, if you provide me the paper and keep your request simple (and have few euros to give to a poor art student). I will pause to serve customers if I’m at artist alley, so it’s usually best to ask later in the day, or if I’m already sitting somewhere outside of the alley drawing Wurr. If you want me to draw, you provide the paper. 

(Wanted to put this up here as well, partly to bump the previous journal out of the front page. I got a chance to come make my thesis stuff at school, so my 3D program got upgraded from Blender to Cinema 4D.)