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Wurr page 264
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Published: January 4, 2018
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Eyyy, happy not-2017-anymore everyone! I'm back at my den again, and so is Wurr. Technically this was the last page finished in 2017, about two weeks ago, but I unfortunately didn't manage to finish before I left for my two week holiday at my parents' place. Sorry for the extra wait!

And Iralbe is back too! For realsies this time! (Imagine how awkward this page would have been if I hadn't caught that bloop two pages ago. Ha.) Also Surama is stubborn and water is wet, news at eleven.

(Fun little extra fact on that last panel: Copper smithing by-products include arsenic and heavy metals, which can cause deformities (which is why so many ancient smithing/fire gods are sometimes deformed, like Hephaestus) and are a big risk for fetal development. The dogs, having more animistic world view, believe that fire is/has spirits in it, and a forge fire is even more spirit-y thing considering the whole transforming and creating aspect of making and molding metal. But they can also be very temperamental -like spirits tend to be, and fire specially-, so a forge spirit gone rogue could get stuck in a forming puppy that doesn't yet have its own spirit and twist them causing deformities.)
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Pan-Zareta's avatar
Pan-ZaretaHobbyist Photographer
Silly question: did a cave beast take a bite out of Morri's ear?
cold-monster's avatar
cold-monsterStudent Digital Artist
:heart: I watch this story, and I love it. Thank you for a good incentive to study English.
SylviaDragon's avatar
i live for cool lore stuff like this 
silverdragon76's avatar
silverdragon76Hobbyist General Artist
That's an awesome bit of smithing history and lore! (and here I thought the dogs just had their own version of pah-wraiths... :D)
eaglespirit1's avatar
eaglespirit1Hobbyist General Artist
Deformities on pup that are all ready half mutant xD I'm sure that would cause a lot of noticeable damage
Rakuen-Ookami's avatar
I absolutely love the amount of world-building and thought you put into not just Wurr, but every project I've seen you creating! <3 (Loved reading your explanation of the fire-spirits!)
AbNom's avatar
Excellent expressions and interactions among the characters as always, and the blending of the fun fact regarding smithing by-products with the fire spirits is perfect!  Stay safe Niavel!
SparklinBurgndy's avatar
SparklinBurgndyHobbyist General Artist
I love the confident nod in the last panel.  "Mmm-hmm.  True fact."
GuesssWho9's avatar
GuesssWho9Hobbyist General Artist
Who knows? Maybe they're right.
Rogancryd's avatar
RogancrydHobbyist General Artist
Good call. Considering who the father is, you wouldn't want a deforming spirit adding fuel to that fire.

Simply-Jax's avatar
Simply-JaxHobbyist General Artist
Fire spirits. It's actually kind of adorable how they think it happens vs how it really happens.
wolven-dragon16's avatar
wolven-dragon16Hobbyist Digital Artist
the problem of lose fire spirits makes scene to me best keep away from them
39-TheWolf's avatar
Nice fact/culture inclusion there. :3
Namara-of-Highroad's avatar
Namara-of-HighroadStudent Writer
Cool facts about copper smithing, I didn't know that!
I love the sagely nodding from Bak-bak
Hawkpelt94's avatar
Hawkpelt94Hobbyist Artist
Yes, yes, gotta watch out for those loose fire spirits.
VulpineAmbivalence's avatar
This really reminds me of Clan of the Cave bear.
Mitch-Draws's avatar
Mitch-DrawsHobbyist General Artist
Wonderful page and marvellous expressions, as always! Love the little bits of lore you keep including!
SemyRamis's avatar
SemyRamisHobbyist Writer
I love how BakBak just nods at Niavel's words. :D
Seelenlicht's avatar
SeelenlichtHobbyist General Artist
Yay another page :D. Happy New year to you, too!
I love how BakBak nods in the last panel - nice detail about the fire spirits. I didn't know that it could led to deformitoes.
I guess the hounds never thought about that, as their pups have mutations anyway.
TalaUSA's avatar
TalaUSAHobbyist General Artist
Hmm, one wonders if those same things can be found in the crator?
Lyrak's avatar
Lyrak Traditional Artist
Ahaha I love how Bakbak is nodding in agreement and Morri's just like ??? ???????????
Devinital's avatar
DevinitalHobbyist Digital Artist
Huh, did not know smithing can lead to a by product of deformities. good to know.
lyoth737's avatar
lyoth737Hobbyist General Artist
A new update!!! >u<
And.... a superstition the dogs are very serious about? Huh, nice detail!!
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