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Wurr page 262 (fixed)
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By Paperiapina   |   Watch
Published: October 28, 2017
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So, uh, hey, guess who totally fudged up and forgot that Iralbe wasn't supposed to be in this page?!!

Ahaha... ha... haa... *sob*

So, anyway. Have a fixed version of this page. Took an entire day to draw half the panels again and edit it all together, but here we are. Oh, gosh, sorry everyone for the confusion!

I'm a professional.

Anyway, if you're curious to see the fudged up version of this page, with a teleporting Iralbe cameo, or feel like comparing the differences in dialogue provided by different characters taking part in it, you can go here: paperiapina.deviantart.com/art…

(Also, note to self, I really have to find a way to smuggle that Iralbe's "I'm going to be a bit Surama here, but..."-comment somewhere else later on. It was too good to remove, but not something Morri would say.)
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LittleCliffordHobbyist Digital Artist
I was just wondering if I can purchase these as books? I’ve been reading them since I was a very little kid and I’d love to have a hard copy or even just merch for it. It’s one of the best comics I’ve ever read and I used to draw the characters all over my homework 😂
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The mushroom doggo thing makes me think of Isismasshiro and her shrooming wolf.  :iconstonedplz:
 If this smith is in the middle of a trip or something when they arrive, I'm just gonna make a fool of myself in the comments as I scream "CALLED IT!"
fruitbatslyra's avatar
fruitbatslyraHobbyist Traditional Artist
Haha, I forgot Iralbe wasn't supposed to be there too! XD I'm glad you decided to keep both pages though, lol! X)
Berenos's avatar
I'm sad, Iralbe's expression in the previous version was too precious :'D
Murasaki99's avatar
Murasaki99Student Traditional Artist
"Toddface" - she's got a fox's mask-markings I'm guessing.  I love the name. 
SummerAudrey's avatar
SummerAudreyStudent Digital Artist
I dont get it......😅
herofan135's avatar
herofan135Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Haha, don’t worry about, can happen to anyone! Thanks for taking the time to fix it though, and this dialogue is actually easier to understand! :aww:
Nikary's avatar
NikaryHobbyist General Artist
Eh, these things happen xD
songwithnosoul's avatar
I admire your dedication in re-drawing the thing rather than letting it slide. I also think it's neat how you rewrite the dialogue entirely rather than giving Iralbe's to somebody else.

Also, your art is gorgeous. That's not new, but it's true.
Dudegotgts's avatar
DudegotgtsStudent Artist
Idk why but this reminds me of the book series Warriors by Erin Hunter
Sync-ling's avatar
Sync-lingHobbyist Digital Artist
The new dialogue makes a bit more sense now, actually c: Iralbe is one of my favorite characters, but I think it was worth losing his accidental cameo just to see Bakbaks little paw flip there lol
sekkechi's avatar
sekkechiHobbyist Digital Artist
yeah i was wondering about the random Iralbe xD i was like "wait... um.. didn't he leave?" 
this honestly looks much better in my opinion
Furrama's avatar
Furrama Digital Artist
I think it looks better. Fewer characters helps simplify things down.
StarshadowDragon's avatar
Like the new dialogue. Everything looks great! 
Combak's avatar
I've got to agree with Lyrak, the rewritten dialogue is a bit better that before.
Lyrak's avatar
Lyrak Traditional Artist
Actually I think the slight change in dialogue also helps me better understand what was going on in this page. :) So yay for that as well.
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