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Wurr page 261

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Published: October 17, 2017
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I'm classy, can you tell.

(Also sorry for being slightly late. Real life happened, and then I wasted few hours trying to fit a thing on this page I later realized wasn't even supposed to be here, it was from the next page. So basically I stupided the page from being on time. My bad.)

Wurr stuff © me stuff.
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Let me guess, Morri?
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IchorDataStudent Traditional Artist
I'm not being offensive, but do you ever get frustrated posting one page this rarely?
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PaperiapinaProfessional General Artist
I don't know what you were aiming at, but congrats on making me feel bad.

I just came out of a long hiatus caused by crushing anxiety over this comic, and I was feeling just a little proud of myself now that I've finally been able to get back to it and keep up the intended page per week schedule.

So yeah, I do feel frustrated. And bad, and horribly anxious and crushingly guilty. 

Although, really, a page per week is rare to you? Really?
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IchorDataStudent Traditional Artist
I'm not sure I can say anything to continue this conversation. I'm sorry I made you feel bad and no, I don't think once per week is bad, I just thought it came out far less than once per week. I have a habit of leaving my inbox uncleared and whenever I open one of your stacks there is far fewer Wurr pages than there is anything else, so to me it seemed more like you added a page one per month.
I'm very sorry, I didn't mean to make you feel bad, as a fellow sufferer the last thing I want to do is make someone anxious.
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PaperiapinaProfessional General Artist
Sorry for snapping at you. You didn't mean it the way I thought you did. It's just that this comic is one of the biggest sources of anxiety in my life (not just hobby life, I'm in pretty bad financial situation that I could solve if I just managed to make this an actual job for myself, and I keep failing at it). I can understand the inbox, I've been back to the weekly update schedule for about a month now, after not updating at all for multiple months because I managed to make myself afraid of drawing my own comic. 

Things are getting better. Your comment just managed to hit right where it hurts the most, and I'm sorry for lashing out like that.
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IchorDataStudent Traditional Artist
No worries. I hurt and you reacted. :shrug:

Anyway, I was wondering because I have some trouble figuring out in what direction to go with my art, and just generally keep myself working so I don't post so often. 
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comixqueenProfessional Digital Artist
PFf classy XD

A suggestion on the wording; "smell yourself", my first thought was "you go smell yourself" as in "sniff your body" even though I know that is not what you meant. "Smell for yourself" would clarify it. :)
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Aiming high here, I can tell! ;D (I'm also going to guess Morri or an intentional ruse)
No worries on the page being late, I've been doing terribly on keeping up with everything DA!
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raumreporterHobbyist Photographer
The looks on that face!
Made my day!
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JudihoHobbyist General Artist
I love your story!
And I have a game with it: Finding the sex of the hounds.
I have wrong every time XD
(Save for Iacar)
I really like it!

Please continue and thank you very much for all your work!
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StewCat52Student General Artist
The timing in the middle panels is absolutely perfect:happy: 
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I laughed harder than I should have. XD
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SueaNoiHobbyist Digital Artist
Geez Morri. XD
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Considering the wording you could've used?
Yep, fairly classy.
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DancingLunarWolvesHobbyist Digital Artist
I think it's a distraction!
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Tephra76Hobbyist General Artist
Either it's Morri, or maybe Surama doing a handstand. :D
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KocetaHobbyist General Artist
Highest pee wins :XD:
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FennecFyre Digital Artist
...That was Morri taking a whizz, wasn't it?
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SakamerelHobbyist Traditional Artist
Geeze Morri aim a little lower will ya?
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Attack-At-DawnHobbyist General Artist
It's so fricken Tall X'DD
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naught hounds for sent marking 
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