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Wurr page 258
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By Paperiapina   |   Watch
Published: July 10, 2017
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And I'm back from my visit to my family's place! Sorry it got extended a bit, my dad got sick so I stuck around to help around while my mom was at work. But here's a new page of Wurr anyway!

Looks like somebody didn't listen to your advice, chief.
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Pan-Zareta's avatar
Pan-ZaretaHobbyist Photographer
Toshiba looks so indignant in that last panel
Goonlalagoon's avatar
GoonlalagoonHobbyist Digital Artist
Aww, she's just trying to help...aaaandd probably put herself in a lot of danger.  I somehow missed a load of updates?? But I love how everything is progressing and stubborn Surama (what else is new)
wolfian's avatar
Ah, the defiance of youth, and they found the cave anyhow! XD
Kerbywolf's avatar
KerbywolfProfessional Digital Artist
Just spent way too much time reading all of this! This is wonderful!
theTieDyeCloak's avatar
Aaaah Toshika is the cutest puppy and I love her! :love:
reddog-f6's avatar
reddog-f6Hobbyist Digital Artist
1 soos master was killed.

2 his master is slowly getting pieces cut off one by one as long as the stolen object is gone.

3 his master has gotten so desperate hes possibly threatening soo by sending hunters for him as well. or threatening his family back home. (if he has any)

4 his master was tortured to death and now the torturer is demanding soo bring the object back or he will be next on the torture block.
Fading-Secret's avatar
Fading-SecretHobbyist Artist
Or maybe they sent him a really inappropriate fanfic and he's really just embarrassed
reddog-f6's avatar
reddog-f6Hobbyist Digital Artist
its his monthly subscribed porn mag. hes embarrassed that somebody jotted it down and handed it to him in the open. XD
Fading-Secret's avatar
Fading-SecretHobbyist Artist
Luckily he had it delivered to him with a secret cover, so that nobody would be suspicious at all.
Likopinina's avatar
LikopininaStudent General Artist
love you guys
AgentDD2950's avatar
AgentDD2950Hobbyist Traditional Artist
So adore the funny expression on each character. :D
DancingLunarWolves's avatar
DancingLunarWolvesHobbyist Digital Artist
Soo's expression. :D

I'm loving where this is all going. ^_^
DR00Lz's avatar
DR00LzHobbyist Digital Artist
they should grow some thumbs! must be annoying using the ''finger'' toes xD
FidgetAwesomeSauce's avatar
FidgetAwesomeSauceHobbyist General Artist
I wonder what's got Mr. Soo all spooped...
Elia41's avatar
Third panel is a pure "Oh, Hell no..." Wonder what's the bad news. Soo took too long and his mentor paid the price? Or worse?
Rogancryd's avatar
RogancrydHobbyist General Artist
That or he suddenly needed to sneeze and politely held his nose.
AsizaWolf's avatar
AsizaWolfStudent General Artist
I was thinking the same! :o
Viergacht's avatar
ViergachtProfessional General Artist
SammyTheMutt's avatar
SammyTheMuttStudent Traditional Artist
Every time you upload i drop what i was doing to come see what it is and im never disappointed:D (Big Grin) ,
Everything you upload is beautiful , but these Wurr pages are gorgeousHeart . I love all the little details
in the background and foreground.Heart Heart :D (Big Grin)   
Tephra76's avatar
Tephra76Hobbyist General Artist
Nastygram, Mr. Soo?

Oh, hello there, Toshika! 

Edit: uh-oh. Is it the cave where Iacar's group was sleeping? Or is it Surama and Hafmar's?

P.S. I hope your Dad is feeling better! 
shinyfeather22's avatar
shinyfeather22Student General Artist
Haha Yes. Soo unfortunately received some rather vulgar spam howling? "Bark here to enlarge your *! Be the dog your friends envy!"
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