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Wurr page 245
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Published: November 20, 2016
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Wow, would you look at that, it's only the third page of book five, and we're already having its very first SURPRISEPAGEATTACK!* 8D Parteh!

Talking ahead! 

* For newcomers, a SURPRISEPAGEATTACK! is when I manage to finish and upload a page before the deadline of midnight between Sunday and Monday, when I have already done and submitted a page for that particular week. So like second page within a week.
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Comments (31)
Wolfspirit9992's avatar
Wolfspirit9992|Student Filmographer
I love this :D
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SchizophrenicSurs's avatar
SchizophrenicSurs|Professional Digital Artist
Sinjel looks beautiful in the second to last panel with how his hair lays
Reply  ·  
CC1773's avatar
Agreed ! He's my favorite character ! <3
Reply  ·  
GuesssWho9's avatar
GuesssWho9|Hobbyist General Artist
That Look he gives in the penultimate panel LOL
Reply  ·  
MewTora17's avatar
MewTora17|Hobbyist Artist
Mm.... It's might involve with Pregnant and their behaviors.... Just guess
Reply  ·  
Sparradile's avatar
Sparradile|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Niavel's face is so grumpy, oh my gosh. I love it
Reply  ·  
SunDawnWolf's avatar
SunDawnWolf|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
There's always just something unique and utterly adorable about Sinjal's face. He has my favorite expressions, while Surama has my favorite attitude. I really hope she and Hafmar are okay. 
Reply  ·  
MicaelaM2016's avatar
MicaelaM2016|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
what will Sinjal say hmmmmmmmmmmmmm I will wait and see

(Stares at screen intensely) 
Reply  ·  
Sonic-Moon's avatar
Sonic-Moon|Hobbyist Digital Artist
nuuu! now i have to wait for another page T^T I need to learn not to binge read good comics.
Reply  ·  
leplizz's avatar
Ohh I do like surprise attacks :D looking forward to what book 5 has to offer :)
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CHeMnICORn's avatar
CHeMnICORn|Hobbyist General Artist
Daawww preggers momma tits! I don't know why it's so cute on dogs and not on people.....
Reply  ·  
LionessHathor's avatar
I know, right? She's making a grand gesture and her face is hilarious, but all I can see are DAWG BEWBS! Already thinking of puppies and hound midwifery...
Iacar's gonna freak, that's for sure.
Reply  ·  
CHeMnICORn's avatar
CHeMnICORn|Hobbyist General Artist
puppies....... X3
Reply  ·  
Raydis's avatar
Yep, she's finally starting to look pregnant at a glance
Reply  ·  
SkyHighDisco's avatar
SkyHighDisco|Hobbyist General Artist
Dat finger O_O
Reply  ·  
Murasaki99's avatar
Murasaki99|Student Traditional Artist
She's starting to look like a pregnant guppy, bless her.  I hope Sinjal can answer some of her questions.  :heart:
Reply  ·  
AFanOfStuff's avatar
O: What could he want
Reply  ·  
Rogancryd's avatar
Rogancryd|Hobbyist General Artist
"I want to be the godfather of the pups that don't die. I shall be their lord and master and they shall be my noble steeds."
Reply  ·  
Fading-Secret's avatar
Thank you.

Thank you so much for this
I smiled until I saw the noble steed thing and omfg
my face, my soul
is2g I'm gonna be stuck grinning until I'm dead XD
Reply  ·  
The-Shellcat's avatar
The-Shellcat|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Omg her tets are showing which means she is quite far into the pregnancy!! Or at least further than I thought...
Reply  ·  
fruitbatslyra's avatar
fruitbatslyra|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Linkification's avatar
Linkification|Hobbyist Digital Artist
aa i love crippled, such a kind character ;v;
Reply  ·  
IndigoBlackbird's avatar
Niavel is by far my favourite character :heart: Please, please, please don't let her or the puppies die D: She's suffered enough in the past few months, she deserves to be happy
Reply  ·  
Lyrak's avatar
Lyrak| Traditional Artist
Though shalt not disobey grumpy pregnant lady.
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anonymous's avatar
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